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Available Characters

These are all the real characters you can be. You don't have to be one of these, though, you can still make up your own. You can be anyone on this list that isn't a member yet. I know that these are not all the characters from Dragonball/Z/GT, but I did my best, so if you know of a Dragonball/Z/GT character that is not on this list, tell me, and you MAY get a prize. A + next to a person's name means I have a picture of them, a - means I don't have a picutre, and a * means that character is taken. The character's relationships will be in parentheses next to his/her name.


+Chiaotzu (Once an emporer in Dragonball, Tien's best friend and training partner)
+Tien (Once Chiaotzu's guiardian, his best friend, and training partner)
+Yamcha (Once Bulma's boyfriend, a desert bandit)
+Krillin (Maron's father, Android 18's husband)
+Yajirobe (Just some guy who is always eating)
+Bulma (Trunks' and Bra's mother, Vegeta's wife)
+Chi-Chi (Goku's wife, Gohan and Goten's mother)
+Young Chi-Chi (Younger Chi-Chi)
-Maron (Krillin's old girlfriend)
+Marron (Krillin and Android 18's daughter)
+General Tao (A mean guy from Dragonball)
+Commander Blue (Someone from the Red Ribbon army)
+Commander Red (Someone from the Red Ribbon army)
+Mai (One of Emporer Pilaf's henchmen in Dragonball)
+Videl (Mr. Satan's daughter, Gohan's wife, Pan's mother)
+Mr. Satan (Videl's father, Pan's grandfather, a.k.a. Hercule in English Dragonball Z)
+Grandpa Gohan (Goku's "grandfather", the one who raised him)
+Master Roshi (Krillin's and Goku's martial arts master)
+Ox-King (Chi-Chi'S father, Gohan's grandfather, Pan's great grandfather)
+Bora (Some martial arts guy in a Dragonball movie)
+Advisor Black (2nd in command of the Red Ribbon army)
+Agent Purple (Someone from the Red Ribbon army)
+Dr. Gero (Commander of the Red Ribbon army, maker of all the androids, except Giro)
+Baba (Master Roshi's sister)
+Dr. Briefs (Bulma's father)
+Dr. Kochin (Evil scientist from Dragonball Z movie "The World's Strongest")
+Great Saiya-man 2 (Videl's "super hero" disguise)
+Lunch (A girl from Dragonball who changes personalities when she sneezes)
+Namu (Some martial artist guy)
+Uubu (Reincarnation of Buu)


+Adult Gohan (Gohan in Future Trunks' time)
+Bebi Vegeta (Vegeta when the evil monster Bebi took over him)
+Bra (Bulma & Vegeta's son, Chibi Trunks' sister)
+Future Trunks (Trunks from an alternate time period in the future)
+Gohan (Goku & Chi-Chi's son, Bardock's grandson)
+Goku (Chi-Chi's husband, Gohan's father, Goten's father, Bardock's son, main character in Dragonball/Z/GT)+ +King Vegeta (Vegeta's father, King of the Saiyans)
+Nappa (Vegeta's former partner)
*Gogeta (The fused form of Goku and Vegeta with Goku as the dominant figure)
+Teen Goten (Goten when he grows up in Dragonball GT)
+Vegeta (Bulma's husband, father of Chibi Trunks and Bra, son of King Vegeta)
+Vegetto (The fused form of Goku and Vegeta with Vegeta as the dominant figure)
+Chibi Trunks (Bulma & Vegeta's son, Bra's brother)
+Goten (Goku & Chi-Chi's son, Gohan's brother)
+Gotenks (The fusion of Goten & Chibi Trunks)
+Raditz (Goku's brother, Bardock's son)
+Bardock (Goku & Raditz's father)
+Pan (Gohan & Videl's daughter, Goku Jr.'s grandmother)
+Majin Vegeta (Vegeta when he was turned into a Majin by Babidi)
+Turles (The unknown Saiyan from Dragonball Z movie "Tree Of Might")
+Taura (Bardock's best friend)
+Brolly (Vegeta's so-called brother, Paragus' son)
+Paragus (Brolly's father)
+Great Saiya-man (Gohan's "super hero" disguise)
+Goku Jr. (1/16 Saiyan, Pan's grandson)
+Vegeta Jr. (1/16 Saiyan, Bra's grandson)
+Young Goku (Goku in Dragonball)
+Young Vegeta (Vegeta from the Bardock Special)
+Teen Vegeta (Vegeta in his teenager days)


+Nail (Protector of Guru, freedom fighter for planet Namek)
+Piccolo (The evil side of Piccolo Daimao when he split into good and evil parts)
+Dende (Earth's guardian after Kami fuses with Piccolo)
+Kami (Earth's guardian)
+Guru (Father of all Nameks, except Piccolo)
+Pikkon (Very powerful fighter, West Kaio-Sama's best student in the Other World tournament)
+Dr. Slug (An evil Namek from Dragonball Z movie 4)
+Piccolo Daimao (The evil side of Kami, after he had it taken out of him)


+Android 8 (An android from a movie who becomes nice)
+Android 13 (An evgil android in a movie)
+Super 13 (Android 13 took parts from destroyed Androids 14, 15, and himself to make his "super" form)
+Android 14 (An evil android from a movie)
+Android 15 (An evil android from a movie)
+Android 16 (A peaceful android, on a mission to kill Goku, but does not carry out his mission)
+Android 17 (Android 18'S brother, an evil android that terrorizes the Earth, and then is absorbed by Cell so he can achieve his second form)
+Super 17 (Created when the dead Android 17 fused with another live Android 17)
+Android 18 (Android 17'S sister, Krillin's wife, who is absorbed by Cell so he can reach his ultimate form)
+Android 19 (An evil android accompanied by Android 20, he is an energy-absorbing type, and is destroyed by Vegeta)
+Android 20 (Dr. Gero's android form, who is accompanied by Android 19, he is also an energy-absorbing type, he is destroyed by Androids 17 & 18)
+Giru (Chibi Trunks' little android when Chibi Trunks grows up)
+Imperfect Cell (A monster made from every cell from every Z fighter, in his imperfect form)
+Perfect Cell (Cell in his perfect form after Absorbing Androids 17 & 18)
+Cell Jr. (One of the creatures that Perfect Cell made during the Cell Games, is a smaller blue version of Perfect Cell)


+Frieza (Koola's brother, King Cold's son, destroyed by Future Trunks)
+King Cold (Frieza's & Koola's father, also destroyed by Future Trunks)
+Koola (Frieza's brother, King Cold's son, the most powerful "changling" alien from a Dragonball Z movie)
+Metal Koola (One of the many metallic Koolas that appeared when Koola's body was launched into the Big Ghetti Star, and the star was under Koola's control, there was an army of these very powerful beings)
+Bebi (A powerful alien who absorbs himself into people from Ki attacks, or through their wounds)
+Bojack (The evil green villain from Dragonball Z movie 9 who beat up on the Z warriors and was killed by Gohan and Goku) +Bido (Another evil green guy, one of Bojack's henchman)
+Bujin (Some little genie guy)
+Captain Ginyu (The leader of the Ginyu Force, was a tough battle for Goku)
+Burter (A member of the Ginyu Force, Jeice's good friend)
+Jeice (A member of the Ginyu Force, Berter's good friend)
+Recoome (A member of the Ginyu Force)
+Guldo (The weakest member of the Ginyu Force)
+Dodoria (One of Frieza's henchmen)
+Zarbon (One of Frieza's henchmen)
+Tapion (Minosha's brother, an alien who was the keeper of half the monster known as Hildegarn inside of him, kept in by a flute, he gave Future Trunks his sword)
+Minosha (Tapion's little borther, who kept the other half of Hildegarn inside of him)
+Hildegarn (The giant best that terrorized Tapion's & Minosha's planet, and killed Minosha, he was killed by Goku's Dragon Fist attack)
+Iedei (A grasshopper-like alien from the planet Arlia that Nappa and Vegeta destroyed)
+Janemba (A very powerful monster from a movie that was killed by Gogeta)
+Kakao (One of Turles' henchmen)
+Kibit (Some guy who fused with East Kaioshin to become Kaiobit)
+King Gurumesu (Some nice king who was turned evil by the Blood Rubies in the Dragonball movie "Curse Of The Blood Rubies")


+Ii Shenron (The most powerful enemy ever, born from the 1-star Dragonball)
+Ryan Shenron (The evil dragon born from the 2-star Dragonball)
+San Shenron (The evil dragon born out of the 3-star Dragonball)
+Suu Shenron (The evil dragon born out of the 4-star Dragonball)
+Uu Shenron (Teh evil dragon born out of the 5-star Dragonball)
+Ryuu Shenron (The evil dragon born out of the 6-star Dragonball)
+Chi Shenron (The evil dragon born out of the 7-star Dragonball)
+Dai-Kaio (The overseer of the Other World tournament, enjoys rock music, and can break dance)
+Da-Kaioshin (The god of gods, was absorbed by Majin Buu, and it turned Majin Buu into Fat Buu, a nice Buu who makes friends with Mr. Satan)
+Thin Buu (Fat Buu's evil side)
+East Kaio-Sama (The only female Kaio, whos students do poorly in the Other World tournament)
+East Kaioshin (By far the most powerful god after the Buus absorbed the other gods, and he considers Goku and Vegeta "mere mortals")
+Kaiobit (The fusion of East Kaioshin & Kibit)
+King Kai (Goku's Other World trainer, a very good one at that)
+King Yemma (The god that decides whether dead souls go to the Other World or not when they die)
+Shenron (The Dragonball dragon of Earth, created by Kami)
+Porunga (The Namek Dragonball dragon)
+South Kaio-Sama (An arrogant god that has a rivalry with King Kai, and his students are easily beaten by Goku)


+Garlic (A demon that once challenged Kami to the throne of gods, and was sent to the Dead Zone)
+Garlic Jr. (Garlic's son, who came to avenge his father, and was sent into the Dead Zone after he made his wish for immortality)
-Spice (One of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen)
-Vinegar (One of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen)
-Salt (One of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen)
-Mustard (One of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen)
+Dabura (Lord of the Underworld, who was controlled by Babidi to do his dirty work, ad has a power level roughly the same as Cell in his perfect form, a fearsome opponent)
+Bibidi (Father of Babadi, was alive millions of years ago, created Buu)
+Babadi (Bibidi's son, who released Majin Buu and let terror onto the world)
+Super Buu (One of the most powerful forms of Buu when he absorbed Gohan, Gotenks, and Piccolo. This form is when Thin Buu eats his fat adversary in his chocolate form)
+Kid Buu (An insane Buu, who loves to dish out pain and hates to lose. He is unhindered by remorse or emotion, making him a tougher adversary than Super Buu at his peak)
+Fat Buu (The form of Buu when he absorbs Da-Kaioshin and he becomes nice ad befriends Mr. Satan)
+Emporer Pilaf (An evil emporer in Dragonball)


+Mr. Popo (Kami's assistant and keeper Oof the Spirit ant Time Room, and Hyperbolic Time Chamber)-Genie
+Shou (One of Emporer Pilaf's henchmen)-Human-Like Dog
+Puar (Yamcha's shape-changing friend)-Shapeshifter
+Oolong (A shape-changing friend of Bulma and Goku)-Shapeshifter
+Korin (A wise cat the supplies the Z fighters with "Sensu Beans" to keep their strength up)
+Bubbles (King Kai's pet monkey used for preliminary tests for King Kai's students)-Monkey
+Gregory (Also one of King Kai's tests, he was King Kai's best student before Goku)-Human-Like Grasshopper
+Boss Rabbit (A mean guy in Dragonball that turned anything he touched into a carrot)-Human-Like Rabbit
+"Tortoise" (Master Roshi's tortoise that is always telling Master Roshi what he doees wrong)-Human-Like Tortoise