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The Pride of the Realm

The earliest collective symbol of Cormyr was a shield or banner field of light blue (the sky), with the bottom third of the shield green with a scalloped top edge (trees), and sticking up vertically from the center of the trees, "halfway up" the sky, a single gray castle keep tower (featureless [no windows, stonework "joint lines," or anything of the sort], tapering slightly towards the top, and crowned by simple crenelated battlements (a "flat crown" of four teeth: two simple merlons in the middle and two flaring ones on the outsides). This blazon was known as "the Pride of the Realm" and signified the foundation of the human realm of Cormyr, in a wild green forest. As such, it was considered defiant to elves, and later insulting to elves. (Hence its ready replacement by the Purple Dragon.)