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The City of Waterdeep

The name "Waterdeep" evokes feelings of wonder, awe, and envy. Although it is not the largest city in the Realms, the City of Splendors is the most famous and cosmopolitan metropolis on the continent. Having grown rich on a steady diet of trade and industry, this crossroads city combines the best aspects of many cultures into a marvelous shining jewel.

The city lies in the shadow of Mount Waterdeep on the shore of the ebst natural harbor along the Sword Coast. Undermountain, the greatest dungeon in all Faerûn, lies beneath the city's streets and sewers.

Waterdeep remains a predominantly human city, although representatvies of nearly every intelligent race make their home within its walls.

Waterdeep is home to haughty nobles, diligent craftsmen, scheming merchants, daring sailors, and bold adventurers of every stripe. It has always been a center of wealth and influence where those who dream of power, riches, or artistic fulfillment can come to realize their aspirations.

Laws and Punishment

Legal authority in the city rests within the Open Lord and the hidden Lords of Waterdeep. The Lord's Court is chaired by Piergeiron, and is attended by at least two other Lords and two Magisters. The Lord's Court hears all "severe" crimes, including suspicious deaths, rape, misuse of magic, and succession and inheritance disputes. Twenty-six black-robed Magisters conduct the Common Courts of Waterdeep. Three "Black-Robes" are always on duty at the Palace. During daylight hours, a Magister is also posted at each gate. Magisters are always accompanied by at least six members of the city guard. The Code Legal serves as a basis for sentencing, dividing all crimes into Four Plaints and each Plaint into severe, serious, lesser, and minor offenses.

The first Plaint involves Crimes Against the Lords (treason, impersonation, forgery of official documents, destruction of city property, assault, willful disobedience of edicts, and blasphemy against a government official). The second Plaint involves Crimes Against the City (poisoning of wells, murder, spying, sabotage, fraud, fencing, unlawful dueling, bribery, unlawful entry into the city, vagrancy, littering, brandishing a weapon without cause, and reckless driving). The third Plaint involves Crimes Against the Gods (defiling of a holy place, theft of temple goods, tomb-robbing, assault on a religious person, public blasphemy of a god or priesthood, and disorderly conduct at worship). The fourth Plaint involves Crimes Against Citizens (arson, rape, bodily harm, magical assault, forgery, slavery, robbery, burglary, theft/killing of livestock, usury, property damage, assault, hindrance of business, and excessive noise).

Slavery is illegal within the city, and slaves brought into the city are considered free. Weapons can be worn openly and used in self-defense, but brandishing weapons in other situations is a crime.

Duels (for reasons of specific, unprovoked injury) are legal only in specific places, but must be marshaled by a member of the Watch or a Magister. Most importantly, duels are rarely to the death.

Sentences for lawbreaking include instant death, death upon conviction, exile, mutilation, hard labor, imprisonment (dungeon), imprisonment (light work in castle compound), fine (payable to the city), or damages (payable to injured party). Perjury, adjudicated by magic, is punished by expulsion from the city.

Churches and Religious Orders

Polytheistic Waterdeep is home to all manner of faiths. The city's largest temples include the Font of Knowledge (Oghma), the Halls of Justice (Tyr), the House of Heroes (Tempus), the House of Inspired Hands (Gond), the House of the Moon (Selûne), the House of Wonder (Mystra), the Shrines of Nature (Silvanus and Mielikki), the Spires of the Morning (Lathander), the Temple of Beauty (Sune), the Tower of Luck (Tymora), and the Plinth (all faiths). Temples to dark gods, such as Ghaunadaur, Loviatar, and Shar, are said to lie in the depths of Undermountain. The city is also home to religious orders such as the Order of the Aster (Lathander), the Order of the Blue Moon (Selûne), the Order of the Sun Soul (Lathander, Selûne, Sune), the Order of the Even-handed (Tyr), and the Holy Order of the Knights of Samular (Tyr).

System of Wards

Waterdeep has been divided for the purposes of governance and security into a system of wards or civic districts. Although no formal boundaries mark their borders, the six recognized wards of Waterdeep are Castle Ward, Dock Ward, North Ward, Sea Ward, Southern Ward, and Trades Ward. The City of the Dead is nearly a seventh ward unto itself, and Deepwater Harbor and the surrounding islands form an informal eight ward. Below is an image illustrating the different wards, and a list of the wards and some of Waterdeep's more permanent locations within those wards of the city.

Sea Ward
Waterdeep's wealthiest ward is notable for the many-spired, grand homes of nobility, the gleaming edifices of the city's leading temples, and the imposing towers of the city's premier wizards.

1: Sated Satyr (tavern, 2 floors)
2: Wyvern's Rest (inn, 2 floors)
3: Selchoun's Sundries (business, 2 floors)
4: Golden Harp Inn (inn, 2 floors)
5: The Shrines of Nature (temple, 2 floors)
6: Emveolstone Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
7: Hiilgauntlet Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
8: The Blue Alley (wizard's domicile, 1 floor)
9: Gauntyl Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
10: The Temple of Beauty (temple, 3 floors)
11: Brokengulf Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
12: Raventree Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
13: Rosznar Villa (noble villa, 5 floors)
14: Jhansczil Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
15: Naingate (wizard's domicile, 4 floors)
16: Melshimber Villa (noble villa, 5 floors)
17: Ilitul Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
18: Aurora's Realms Shop, Singing Dolphin Catalog Counter (business, 1 floor)
19: The Tower of Luck (temple, 3 floors)
20: Wavesilver Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
21: The House of Wonder (temple, 5 floors)
22: Eltorchul Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
23: Nesher Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
24: Gundwynd Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
25: Tessalar's Tower (noble villa, 4 floors)
26: Artemel Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
27: Ammakyl Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
28: Silmerhelve Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
29: Ruldegost Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
30: The Dragon Tower of Maaril (wizard's domicile, 4 floors)
31: Husteem Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
32: Zulpair Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
33: Eirontalar Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
34: Tesper Villa "Tespergates" (noble villa, 3 floors)
35: Irlingstar Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
36: Manthar Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
37: The Fiery Flagon (tavern, 1 floor)
38: The House of Inspired Hands (temple, 3 floors)
39: Dacer's Inn (inn, 3 floors)
40: Ilzimmer (noble villa, 2 floors)
41: The Ship's Wheel (tavern, 2 floors)
42: The Pilgrim's Rest (inn, 3 floors)
43: The Wandering Wemic (inn, 3 floors)
44: Tchazzam Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
45: Maerghoun's Inn (inn, 3 floors)
46: Urmbrusk Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
47: Assumbar Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
48: Cassalanter Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
49: Thongolir Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
50: Eagleshield Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
51: Dezlentyr Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
52: Belebranta Villa (noble villa, 5 floors)
53: Bladesemmer Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
54: The House of Purple Silks (festhall, 4 floors)
55: Gounar's Tavern (tavern, 2 floors)
56: The House of the Moon (temple, 4 floors)
57: Moonstar Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
58: The House of Heroes (temple, 3 floors)
59: The Broken Lance (tavern, 1 floor)
60: Halazar's Fine Gems (business, 2 floors)
61: The Silken Slyph (tavern/inn, 4 floors)
62: Gerin's Breads (business, 2 floors)
63: Melvar's Chapbooks and Folios (business, 2 floors)
64: Velatha's Delights (business, 2 floors)
65: Tammerbund's Glasswares (business, 3 floors)
66: Mystra's Arms (asylum, 6 floors)
67: Furjur the Flippant's residence (house, 3 floors)
68: Hlethvagi Anteo's residence (villa, 5 floors)
69: Stagdown Manse (villa, 3 floors)
70: Heroes' Garden (city building)
71: Seaeyes Tower (city building, 5 floors)
72: West Gate (city building, 3 floors)
73: Seawatch Tower (city building, 5 floors)
74: North Tower, "The Trolltower" (city building, 4 floors)
75: Armory (city building, 3 floors)
76: High Flagon Gambling House (business, 3 floors)
77: Field of Triumph (city building, 5 floors)
78: Myrna Cassalanter's residence (house, 2 floors)
79: Trollfort (city building, 4 floors)

North Ward
Waterdeep's quietest ward is also one of its wealthiest. North Ward is home to most of the middle class and lesser noble families. This Ward has few notable landmarks other than the Cliffwatch, and it all but shuts down at dusk. This placid reputation belies the intrigues and scheming that goes on behind closed doors, and the volume of smuggled goods that lie in cellars beneath the city streets.

1: Guard Barracks (city building, 3 floors)
2: Brossfeather Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
3: Anteos Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
4: Phull Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
5: Snome Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
6: Crommor Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
7: Piiradost Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
8: Thunderstaff Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
9: Talmost Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
10: Thann Villa (temple, 3 floors)
11: Hawkwinter Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
12: Sultlue Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
13: Cragsmere Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
14: Massalan Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
15: Kothont Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
16: Holyhands House (inn/temple of many faiths, 4 floors)
17: Lanngolyn Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
18: Ulbrinter Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
19: Jardeth Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
20: Gralhund Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
21: The Raging Lion (inn, 3 floors)
22: Maerklos Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
23: Nandar Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
24: Stormweather Villa (noble villa, 5 floors)
25: A Maiden's Tears (tavern, 1 floor)
26: Twilight Hunters (tavern, 2 floors)
27: The Gentle Mermaid (festhall, 4 floors)
28: Durinbold Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
29: Estelmer Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
30: Tarm Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
31: Majarra Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
32: The Misty Beard (tavern, 4 floors)
33: Agundar Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
34: Amcathra Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
35: Hunabar Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
36: Thorp Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
37: Lathkule Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
38: Kormallis Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
39: Adarbrent Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
40: Phylund Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
41: Margaster Villa (noble villa, 2 floors)
42: Roaringhorn Villa "The High House of Roaringhorn" (noble villa, 4 floors)
43: Ragathan Furriers (business, 2 floors)
44: Zun Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
45: House of Crystal Storage (warehouse, 4 floors)
46: The House of Crystal (guildhall, 2 floors)
47: The Galloping Minotaur (inn, 3 floors)
48: Meraedos Fine Furs (business, 2 floors)
49: Sulmest's Splendid Shoes & Boots (business, 1 floor)
50: Aurora's Realms Shop, High Road Catalogue Counter (business, 1 floor)
51: The House of Healing (guildhall, 3 floors)
52: Hothemer Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
53: Ilvastarr Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
54: Fallen Stars Fish (business, 1 floor)
55: Wands Villa (noble villa, 5 floors)
56: Thr Grinning Lion (tavern, 1 floor)
57: Gost Villa (noble villa, 4 floors)
58: Helmfast Villa (noble villa, 3 floors)
59: Orlphar Husteem's residence (row house, 3 floors)
60: Downybeard Tobacconist (business, 2 floors)
61: Hriiat Fine Pastries (business, 2 floors)
62: Irbryth Authamaun's residence (business/row house, 2 floors)
63: Danilo Thann's residence (row house, 3 floors)
64: Maerik Thaelcloak's residence (row house, 2 floors)
65: Silent Shield (inn/storage, 4 floors)
66: Taurntyrith Adornments (business, 2 floors)
67: Bhephel's Bottles/Exotic Wines and Cordials (business, 2 floors)
68: Sarsantyr's Tapestries & Draperies (business, 2 floors)
69: Tirelessly Turning Wheel/Caravan Curios From All Far Faerûn (business, 3 floors)
70: Millomyr Harps (business, 2 floors)
71: Greenglade Tower (rooming house, 5 floors)
72: Obelos "The Only" Braeril's residence (business/row house, 3 floors)
73: Hospice of St. Laupsenn (temple, 3 floors)
74: Simon Ilzimmer's residence (row house, 4 floors)
75: Brianne's Tower (residence, 6 floors)
76: Firesong Villa (villa, 4 floors)
77: The Bent Nail (business, 3 floors)
78: Northgate (city building, 4 floors)
79: Farwatch Tower (city building, 5 floors)
80: Endcliff Tower (city building, 3 floors)
81: Cliffwatch Ruins (ruined inn)
82: Upper Towers (city building, 4 floors)

Castle Ward
Castle Ward lies in the heart of Waterdeep, wrapping around the eastern slopes of Mount Waterdeep. This ward is home to the city's administrative buildings and buildings of state. The ward's more prominent landmarks include Ahghairon's Tower, Blackstaff Tower, Castle Waterdeep, Piergeiron's Palace, the Market, and Mirt's Mansion.

1: Spires of the Morning (temple, 3 floors)
2: Fair Winds (villa, 2 floors)
3: Silavene's (festhall, 3 floors)
4: The Font of Knowledge (temple, 4 floors)
5: The Halls of Justice (temple, 5 floors)
6: Blackstaff Tower (wizard's domicile, 4 floors)
7: The Cynosure (city building, 2 floors)
8: The Market Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
9: The Singing Sword (tavern, 3 floors)
10: The Smiling Siren (festhall, 2 floors)
11: The Pampered Traveler (inn, 3 floors)
12: Mighty Manticore Tavern (tavern, 1 floor)
13: Diloontier's Apothecary (business, 1 floor)
14: Balthorr's Rare & Wondrous Treasures (business, 1 floor)
15: Tower of the Order (guildhall, 4 floors)
16: Palace Paddocks (city building, 2 floors)
17: Palace Stables (city building, 2 floors)
18: Palace Storage (warehouse, 2 floors)
19: Guard Barracks (city building, 2 floors)
20: The Crawling Spider (tavern, 2 floors)
21: House of Fine Carvers (guildhall, 3 floors)
22: Hilmer Storage (warehouse, 2 floors)
23: Halls of Hilmer, Master Armorer (business, 1 floor)
24: The Dragon's Head Tavern (tavern, 2 floors)
25: Halambar Lutes & Harps (business, 2 floors)
26: The Golden Key Locksmiths (business, 2 floors)
27: The Master Baker's Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
28: Velstrode the Venturer's Row House (house, 3 floors)
29: Olmhazan's Jewels (business, 1 floor)
30: The Asp's Strike (tavern, 2 floors)
31: Rebeleigh's Elegant Headwear (business, 1 floor)
32: The Elfstone Tavern (tavern, 2 floors)
33: Phalantar's Philtres & Components (business, 2 floors)
34: Pewterers' and Casters' Guildhall (guildhall, 1 floor)
35: The Blue Jack (tavern, 1 floor)
36: Guildhall of the Order (guildhall, 1 floor)
37: Aurora's Realms Shop, Waterdeep Way Catalogue Counter (business, 1 floor)
38: The Jade Jug (inn, 4 floors)
39: Fellowship Hall (guildhall, 3 floors)
40: The Map House (guildhall, 2 floors)
41: Shyrrhr's House (row house, 3 floors)
42: Loene the Fighter's House (row house, 3 floors)
43: Mother Tathlorn's House of Pleasure (festhall, 5 floors)
44: The House of Gems (guildhall, 2 floors)
45: Lady Naneatha Lhaurilstar's residence (row house, 3 floors)
46: Bell Tower (city building, 3 floors)
47: Guard Smithy (city building, 2 floors)
48: The Yawning Portal (inn, 3 floors)
49: The Red-eyed Owl (tavern, 2 floors)
50: The Sleepy Slyph (tavern, 2 floors)
51: Crommer's Warehouse (warehouse, 4 floors)
52: Mirt's Mansion (villa, 3 floors)
53: The Quaffing Quaggoth (tavern, 1 floor)
54: The Sailor's Own (tavern, 1 floor)
55: Eilean's Maztican Delights (business, 2 floors)
56: Lightsinger Theater (business, 3 floors)
57: Sorynth's Silverware (business, 2 floors)
58: Jhural's Dance (festhall, 3 floors)
59: Tavern of the Flagon Dragon (tavern, 2 floors)
60: Sapphire House (rooming house/inn, 5 floors)
61: Delzimmer residence (row house, 4 floors)
62: Irlingstar residence "Sablehearth" (row house, 4 floors)
63: Syndra Wands' Tower (wizard's domicile, 3 floors)
64: Old Knot Shop (business, 2 floors)
65: "Sharkroar" Horth Shalark's Broadsheets (business, 1 floor)
66: Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (temple, 4 floors)
67: Peaktop Aerie (city building, 5 floors)
68: Watching Tower (city building, 6 floors)
69: Watching Tower (city building, 6 floors)
70: Thayan Embassy (embassy, 4 floors)
71: Caladorn Cassalanter's residence (rowhouse, 3 floors)
72: New Olamn (school, 4 floors)
73: Azuth's Mug (tavern, 1 floor)
74: House of Two Hands (monastery, 3 floors)
75: Piergeiron's Palace (city building, 7 floors)
76: Castle Waterdeep (city building, 10 floors)
77: Larissa Neathal's residence (row house, 2 floors)
78: Wyrmbones Inn (inn, 3 floors)
79: Ahghairon's Tower (city building, 4 floors)
80: Tolgar Anuvien's residence (villa, 3 floors)
81: Blushing Nymph (festhall, 2 floors)
82: Haerun Mhammaster's residence (row house, 3 floors)
83: Ammathair Hawkfeather's residence (house 2 floors)
84: Nurneene's Marvelous Masks (business, 4 floors)
85: The Curious Past (business, 2 floors)
86: Paethier's Pipeweed (business, 2 floors)

Trades Ward
Trades Ward lies in the eastern half of Waterdeep, encircling the western and southern walls of the City of the Dead. Given over almost entirely to commerce, Trades Ward lacks the feeling of community found in the more residential wards, but retains the hustle and bustle of a marketplace throughout the day and night. Notable landmarks of Trades Ward include the Court of the White Bull, the Plinth, and Virgin's Square.

1: The Underdark (tavern, 2 floors)
2: Khammeral's Coins (business, 1 floor)
3: Inn of the Dripping Dagger (inn, 4 floors)
4: The Riven Shield Shop (business, 2 floors)
5: Myrmith Splendors' residence (row house, 2 floors)
6: Mhair's Tower (wizard's domicile, 5 floors)
7: Saern's Fine Swords (business, 2 floors)
8: Gondalim's (inn, 3 floors)
9: Dunblast Roofing Company (business, 2 floors)
10: Citadel of the Arrow (guildhall, 3 floors)
11: Costumer's Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
12: Thentavva's Boots (business, 1 floor)
13: Maelstrom's Notch (inn, 2 floors)
14: The League Office (guildhall, 1 floor)
15: The Unicorn's Horn (inn, 6 floors)
16: Aurora's Realms Shop, Street of Tusks Catalogue Counter (business, 4 floors)
17: Orsabbas's Fine Imports (business, 3 floors)
18: Riautar's Weaponry (business, 2 floors)
19: The House of Song (city building, 2 floors)
20: Patient Fingers Finework (business, 2 floors)
21: League of Basketmakers & Wickerworkers Storage (warehouse)
22: The House of Cleanliness (guildhall, 1 floor)
23: Belmonder's Meats (business, 1 floor)
24: Thond Glass and Glazing Shop (business, 2 floors)
25: The Zoarstar (guildhall, temple, 3 floors)
26: The Old Guildhall (guildhall, 2 floors)
27: The House of Textiles (guildhall, 2 floors)
28: Golden Horn Gambling House (festhall, 3 floors)
29: The House of Light (guildhall, 3 floors)
30: House of Light Storage (warehouse, 2 floors)
31: Stationers' Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
32: The Gentle Rest (inn, 5 floors)
33: The Gentle Rest Stables (business, 2 floors)
34: The Guild Paddock (guildhall, 2 floors)
35: Meiroth's Fine Silks (business, 3 floors)
36: The Bowels of the Earth (tavern, 2 floors)
37: Cobblers' and Corvisers' House (guildhall, 2 floors)
38: The Plinth (city building/temple, 6 floors)
39: Felzoun's Folly (tavern, 3 floors)
40: Surtlan's Metalwares (business, 1 floor)
41: Scirkhel Wands' residence (row house, 3 floors)
42: Wheel Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
43: The Gray Serpent (inn, 3 floors)
44: Blackstone House (row house, 4 floors)
45: Rejviik's Mortuary (business, 3 floors)
46: Monastery of the Sun (temple, 4 floors)
47: Huulfor Manor (business, 3 floors)
48: River Gate (city building, 4 floors)
49: The Singed Bolt (tavern, 2 floors)
50: Zeltabbar Iliphar's residence (row house, 3 floors)
51: Henndever's Coffins and Coffers (business, 2 floors)

City of the Dead
This walled enclosure on the eastern edge of Trades Ward is the general cemetary for the City of Splendors, and its size nearly makes it a ward in and of itself. Many citizens visit the City of the Dead's parklike green lawns and white marble tombs during the day, for it is one of the few places dominated by greenery that the citizens of Waterdeep can share within the city's walls. A Watch contingent keeps the cemetary peaceful, and various members of the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters keep torches lit around and inside a number of tombs. The grounds are off limits after dusk, and the gates are locked. Nevertheless, many individuals still hold clandestine meetings at night in the City of the Dead, despite the slight risk of undead escaping from a warded tomb to prowl the sprawling cemetary.
 Although it has only been in its current form since the Year of the Riven Skull (1250 DR), the area has served as the city burial ground for centuries. The cemetary ran out of room in the Year of the Stranger (1064 DR), prompting the city to build a low wall around it and replace the individual graves with magical tombs linked by portals to infinite demiplanes. Two years later, the high number of undead prompted the Lords to erect higher, defensible walls around the cemetary and to lock and ward the magic tombs. There have been few incidents since.

1: Road's End (vault, 1 floor)
2: The House of the Homeless (tomb, 1 floor)
3: Ahghairon's Statue (tomb, 1 floor)
4: Merchants' Rest (tomb, 1 floor)
5: Warriors' Monument (tomb, 1 floor)
6: Lords' Respite (tomb, 1 floor)
7: The Hall of the Sages (tomb, 1 floor)
8: The Hall of Heroes (tomb, 1 floor)
9: Mariners' Rest (tomb, 1 floor)
10: Deepwinter Vault (tomb, 1 floor)
11: Watchway Tower (city building, 4 floors)
12: Guard Tower (city building, 4 floors)
13: Beacon Tower (city building, 7 floors)
14: Sultlue Vault (tomb, 1 floor)

Dock Ward
Waterdeep's most notorious and colorful ward is also the oldest. Traveler's tales portray it as a lawless, brawling place of drunks, smugglers, roaming monsters, and fell magic, which is not all that far from the truth. The bustling harbor scene and its attendant activities dominate this ward.

1: The Gray Griffon (tavern, 3 floors)
2: Turnstone Plumbing abd Pipefitting (business, 2 floors)
3: The Metal House of Wonders (guildhall, 2 floors)
4: Dhaermos Storage (warehouse, 5 floors)
5: Whistling Blades (business, 1 floor)
6: Selûne's Smile (tavern, 2 floors)
7: The Rearing Hippocampus (inn, 2 floors)
8: The Splintered Stair (inn, 3 floors)
9: The Blackstar Inn (inn, 3 floors)
10: Serpentil Books & Folios (business, 3 floors)
11: The Ship's Prow (inn, 4 floors)
12: The Thirsty Sailor (tavern, 3 floors)
13: The Thirsty Throat (tavern, 2 floors)
14: Helmstar Warehouse (warehouse, 2 floors)
15: Warm Beds (inn, 3 floors)
16: Lanternmaker Zorth Ulmaril (business, 2 floors)
17: The Bloody Fist (tavern, 1 floor)
18: Three Pearls Nightclub (festhall, 1 floor)
19: Shipwrights' House (guildhall, 2 floors)
20: Red Sails (warehouse, 2 floors)
21: Muleskull Tavern (tavern/guild, 2 floors)
22: The Hanging Lantern (festhall, 6 floors)
23: The Sleeping Wench (tavern, 3 floors)
24: Aurora's Realms Shop, Slut Street Catalogue Counter (business, 3 floors)
25: The Purple Palace (festhall, 4 floors)
26: The Mermaid's Arms (festhall, 3 floors)
27: The Blue Mermaid (tavern, 2 floors)
28: Shippers' Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
29: Shippers' Storage (warehouse, 3 floors)
30: The House of Tarmagus (warehouse, 4 floors)
31: Coopers' Rest (guildhall, 2 floors)
32: The Hanged Man (tavern, 1 floor)
33: House of Pride Perfumes (business, 1 floor)
34: Arnagus the Shipwright's residence (row house, 3 floors)
35: Full Sails (tavern/guildhall, 3 floors)
36: The Blushing Mermaid (festhall, 3 floors)
37: Felhaur's Fine Fish (business, 1 floor)
38: Khostal Hannass, Fine Nuts (business, 1 floor)
39: Seaswealth Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
40: Nestaur the Ropemaker (business, 2 floors)
41: The Sleeping Snake (tavern, 1 floor)
42: Shipmasters' Hall (inn, 3 floors)
43: Watermens' Hall (guildhall, 3 floors)
44: Mariners' Hall (guildhall, 3 floors)
45: Torpus the Tanner (business, 2 floors)
46: League Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
47: The Butchers' Guildhall (guildhall, 2 floors)
48: Melgard's Fine Leathers (business, 1 floor)
49: Thomm Storage (warehouse, 4 floors)
50: Telethar Leatherworks (business, 2 floors)
51: Fellowship Storage (warehouse, 4 floors)
52: Smokehouse (business, 2 floors)
53: Jemuril the Dwarf's residence (row house, 2 floors)
54: The Copper Cup (festhall, 5 floors)
55: Gelfuril the Trader (business, 1 floor)
56: Guard Barracks (city building, 3 floors)
57: Cookhouse Hall (city building, 2 floors)
58: The Pickled Fisherman (tavern, 2 floors)
59: The Soaring Pegasus (tavern, 2 floors)
60: The Fishscale Smithy (business, 2 floors)
61: Jester's Clubhouse (guildhall, 1 floor)
62: Horizon's Sails (business, 2 floors)
63: Mother Jatha's (business, 1 floor)
64: Talnu's Ropeworks (business, 2 floors)
65: Merlook Nets & Knotware (business, 1 floor)
66: Ralagut's Wheelhouse (business, 1 floor)
67: The Angry Coxswain (tavern, 1 floor)
68: Gathgaer Milomynt's residence (row house, 2 floors)
69: Maernath Storage (warehouse, 2 floors)
70: Alex Lenter's Storage (warehouse, 2 floors)
71: Old Xoblob Shop (business, 3 floors)
72: The Pavilion of Paving Stones (guildhall, 3 floors)
73: Sailor's Corner (inn, 2 floors)
74: Darth's Dolphyntyde (tavern, 1 floor)

South Ward
Once known as Temple Ward, Southern Ward lies in the southeastern corner of Waterdeep, bounded by Trades Ward to the north and Dock Ward to the west. Caravan City, as this oft-forgotten ward is sometimes known, is a homely, friendly, busy, and largely poor area of Waterdeep. Notable landmarks of Southern Ward include Caravan Court and Waymoot.

1: The Swords' Rest (tavern, 1 floor)
2: The Stone House (guildhall, 1 floor)
3: The House of Good Spirits (guildhall, 3 floors)
4: The Redbridle Stables (business, 2 floors)
5: The Coach and Wagon Hall (guildhall, 3 floors)
6: Saddlers' & Harness-Makers' Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
7: Brian the Swordmaster's Smithy (business, 2 floors)
8: The Old Monster Shop (business, 4 floors)
9: Midnight Sun (tavern, 1 floor)
10: Flurmastyr residence (row house, 2 floors)
11: Builder's Hall (guildhall, 2 floors)
12: Nelkaush the Weaver (business, 1 floor)
13: The Road House (guild house, 2 floors)
14: The Full Cup (tavern, 1 floor)
15: The Jade Dancer (festhall, 3 floors)
16: Tehmak's Coaches (business, 3 floors)
17: Hlakken Stables (business, 2 floors)
18: The Spouting Fish (tavern, 4 floors)
19: Nueth's Fine Nets (business, 1 floor)
20: Metalmasters' Hall (guildhall, 3 floors)
21: Aurora's Realms Shop, South High Road Catalogue Counter (business, 4 floors)
22: The Red Gauntlet (tavern, 2 floors)
23: Pelauvir's Counter (business, 5 floors)
24: Bellister's Hand (business, 2 floors)
25: Bellister's House (warehouse, 3 floors)
26: Orm's Highbench (business, 4 floors)
27: Athal's Stables (business, 2 floors)
28: Essimuth's Equipment (business, 2 floors)
29: Temple of Good Cheer (row house, 3 floors)
30: Madame Garah's Boarding House (row house, 2 floors)
31: Amrani's Laundry (business, 1 floor)
32: Piatran's Clothiers (business, 1 floor)
33: Rokkek Ingerr's residence (row house, 2 floors)
34: Hemmerem's Stables (business, 2 floors)
35: Kolar's Towers (wizards' domiciles, 4 floors)
36: Watch Guardpost (city building, 2 floors)
37: The Garrulous Grocer (home/business, 3 floors)
38: Krabbellor Silversmiths (business, 2 floors)
39: Laran's Cartographers (business, 2 floors)
40: Waukeen's Wares (business, 2 floors)
41: The Safehaven Inn (inn, 3 floors)
42: Ingerr & Ingerr Warehouses (warehouse, 2 floors)
43: The Beer Golem (tavern, 2 floors)
44: Phaulkonmere (noble villa, 3 floors)
45: The Daily Trumpet (business, 3 floors)
46: Helm's Hall (temple/house, 3 floors)
47: Tymora's Blessing (tavern, 1 floor)
48: The Medusa's Glare (business, 2 floors)
49: Flame of Hope (business, 2 floors)
50: Berendarr's World of Words (business, 1 floor)
51: Hlethvagi's Coins (business, 2 floors)
52: The South Gate (city building, 4 floors)
53: East Torch Tower (city building, 5 floors)
54: Formerly Prestar's Furniture (ruined building, 1 floor)

Deepwater Harbor
The naturally sheltered, deepwater basin that gives Waterdeep both its name and its wealth is a bustling place. Its chill waters are kept fairly clean by the diligent work of the Guild of Watermen and the merfolk of Tharqualnaar. The mariners of the Guard control access to the harbor above waves, using the retractable chain-nets and walls of the defensible harbor to bar entrance or exit by particular ships.
  Deepwater Harbor is divided into two smaller harbors - the Great Harbor, through which commerce and transportation flows, and the Naval Harbor, restricted for the use of the navy. Two major islands, Stormhaven and Deepwater, enclose the harbor. Notable landmarks include Boatscrape Cove, where shops are beached to be cleaned of barnacles and worse; Deepwater Beach, where mermaids often come to sun and flirt with the guards; the Sea Stacks, sharp rocks that deter the close approach of sailing ships; and Umberlee's Cache, the subsea depression that leads to flooded caverns in the depths.
  Waterdeep's sewers empty into the harbor at places covered with extremely large and strong gratings, regularly patrolled by bands of merfolk. The merfolk use catch-nets on poles to scoop and gather the debris into latge tow-globes for transport far out to sea. The harbor's rocky, sloping bottom is thinly covered with mud, especially at the southern end of the harbor. It is kept free of plants and litter by merfolk. Due to the cleanliness of the harbor and the undersea lighthouse known as Deepwater Beacon, there are no penalties to Spot checks beneath the harbor's surface.

1: Harborwatch Tower (city building, 4 floors)
2: Smuggler's Bane Tower (city building, 4 floors)
3: Outer Fort (city building, 3 floors)
4: Inner Fort (city building, 3 floors)
5: The Queenspire (temple, 6 floors)
6: Sea Elf Trading Outpost (business, 1 floor)
7: Deepwater Beacon (city building, 3 floors)