«first off. i and my co owners am GOD! what we say, goes! no buts, ifs, and whys.
«now the obvious stuff.

«please try to put effort into your posts. it disappoints me when i see a post like this. she walks in and sits down. WHAT IS THAT!? who can reply to that!?
«that latin stuff and hyphens instead of letters. its out. its gone and done for, DON'T DO IT! here’s an example of what i really don't wanna see. 'he femmore walk'd into 'he room, 'er blue eyes search'd 'round 'or someone. 'he gripp'd 'er sword 'andle, ready for anything. that stuff is CRAP! plain and simple! very last century! we do not live with Shakespeare people! the user name is on the information page.
«minimum cursing is allowed. i don't want to see a cuss every other word.
«please don't multi task. don't post in one area, get bored and post the same character in three other areas. its pointless and stupid.
«time period, well, it's not like present time. kinda like set in times before gunpowder, ect. think medieval, kind of.

«all levels of players are allowed. you will be given higher positions if you put your all in every post. if you plan on becoming a noble or something, you must join with sample post.
«you may join any type of character. humans, elves, demons, dragon riders, anthros, anything sensible you can think of.
«you must post ALL the information i ask for on the joining board.
«you must wait to be accepted before you begin to play, or rejected before reposting.
«you may NOT join as royalty, you must audition for it on the auditions board. i or my appointed acceptor person will judge your post. the password for the joining board is legends
«okay, the species thing i mentioned before. please clear a species you want to join with me or the co owner. i will think about it and let you know.
«please try to be original. not only names, but species and their personalities.
«joining sample posts are mandatory right now. the first two characters of yours must have a sample joing post, all others after that only need stats. if you really want to impress me and get a good position, write one for the others! -hint hint, nudge nudge-

«you MUST start off in your designated kingdom. to find out where you will start off, observe the information page. i will also tell you where to go when i reply to your joining.
«before you go off on your merry little way to another kingdom, you must find out if the kingdom you intend to visit is an ally and ask your ruler/government. if it is neutral you must ask for permission from your leader AND the neutral leader. {psst - the future holds war for the kingdoms and the neutrals could just as easily chop off your head is set foot there without permit. XP } and if the kingdom is an enemy, you might as well pack your tombstone.
«for moving to a new kingdom, look/read above.

«people who were appointed royalty by the former owner, do not need a post. i KNOW how good they are and all are very worthy.
«you must audition to be a noble.

«to challenge royalty, i will not just roll dice or flip coins. you have to be a WONDERFUL and ACTIVE (very important) player. you and the noble will fight. the password for the joining board is legends. each get four posts. one dodge one attack. DO NOT dodge every attack, powerplay, or god model, or i will smite you where you stand with my mighty plastic hammer.
note: i am iffy on the no coin and dice challenge. i'll think about it and i might just change my mind.
«other than challenging royalty, feel free to attempt a mass murder, but powerplay, and i will kill you off in a heartbeat.
«peasants do not have the ultimate armor and weaponry. they can be excellent fighters, but that doesn't mean that they can't fall in battle. wait no. they CAN'T be excellent fighter. they are intermediate fighters. there, that's better.
«you may not join with one person and then suddenly have tens of tousands of infantry men at your back in the middle of a battle. if you'd like to join with a legion (no more then ten persons) check with me or the co-owner(s) for permission. for any more then ten persons, you must have another player act for the next one and so on.

«don't go beyond kissing with your characters. there are young minds that might be observing these posts.
«you can power play to an extent but no further i.e. picking up someone. an example of powerplaying past that level would be stealing from some one and getting away without the other person noticing. give them a chance to post back.

on to the joining board

the rules will change later on, check back frequently! the newly added rules will be in blue.