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Frith-Hain Warren!

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Frith-Hain Warren

Hrair years ago a band of rabbits broke away from their overpopulated Warren led by an adventurous young buck by the name of Pepperwood. When they stumbled upon the ideal position, a small knoll only a day's journey from a garden, and protected to the South by a stand of trees, they settled down and the does began to dig the complex tunnels and burrows that would make up their new home. Pepperwood named their new Warren Frith-Hain in reverence to Frith whom he believed led them there.

The Warren flourished, expanding to unimaginable proportions. Several groups left to make new Warrens nearby, and the leadership fell for the first time to a doe by the name of Juniper. Under her rule the Warren continues to grow and evolve - now the only question is: "What will come next?"

Watership Down is undyniably one of the most memorable novels of our time. Written by Richard Adams about a group of rabbits forced from their home and then faced with the troubles of establishing a new one, the characters and predicaments touch the hearts of all that read them. Now it's possible to immerse yourself even further into the WD universe by playing your own rabbit in a new setting. Please, take some time to browse the site, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail Juniper-rah.

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