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A Window to my Mind

My Poetry

This page is host to all the poems I've been writing recently. Most of the people I've shown them to say they're really good, so I figured I might as well put them up on my webpage for others to look at.

Jeffrey Arthur Healy


Words were said,
That should not have been said.
Things were done,
That should not have been done.
And now you're gone,
And I'm all alone.
Or am I? Truly?
I don't know.
When I'm by myself,
I can feel you there,
You're presence a reminder,
A haunting image of my past,
A past where I was happy.
Happiness, without you, seems wrong,
In some fundamental way,
As if you were my one true happiness,
And all else was a lie.
You were my greatest mistake,
Not letting you in,
But in letting you go,
For, in doing so,
I let go a part of myself.
I shall never regain that part,
For you have a new life,
One I am not a part of.
And all that is left to me
Are echoes, drifting through my mind.