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You have just entered room "Chat 36762305912403890064."
Revalation115: this should make things easier
Whitelion325: Yes
ForceflowX: Guess so.
Revalation115: well i just figured FF that you might want to know about this
moronicdude: heidi hi
Revalation115: ok
Revalation115: we all know whats goin on
ForceflowX: Alrighty.
Revalation115: childish bullshit is tainting our precious board
Revalation115: agreed?
moronicdude: no kidding
ForceflowX: Well, I ahven't seen it yet, but I'm inclined to believe you, so... agreed.
moronicdude: can I just kill them all?
moronicdude: ppplllleeeaaasssseeee??
Revalation115: lol
ForceflowX: No mass destruction. They'll just make new idiot characters.
moronicdude: I am just full of pent up agression for the little fuckers
Whitelion325: yes....*ticks idiots off on her fingers*
ForceflowX: Go wipe out a small village. It helps.
Revalation115: give it time chris
moronicdude: fine fine...
Revalation115: we'll have our home back soon enough
Revalation115: however i believe a key to this is Miyu
Revalation115: getting her back would help us tip the scales in our favor so that shona can see that those of us that matter all feel the same way
Revalation115: We were here first This is our board AND I'LL be DAMNED these little fuckers are gonna ruin it
Whitelion325: w00t
Revalation115: can i get an AMEN
Revalation115: lol
moronicdude: Tiara, would you like to give our dear christy a call?
ForceflowX: Of course, you do realize this will be hard to fix. They tried to fix it once before by using the planetary apocalypse,a nd that didnt work. But something should be done, I agree.
moronicdude: that was Tosh's idea in the first place
Whitelion325: I'd love to, but seeing as it is 11pm and I have no ways to call her, I can't....but next time she calls, I willl give her the run down
Revalation115: no the apocalypse made things the way they are now
Whitelion325: I'm sorry, but the apoloclypse was stupid.
Revalation115: agreed
moronicdude: yup
Revalation115: but it was a theory
moronicdude: tosh doesn't even post anymore
Revalation115: and as some theorys do it failed
Revalation115: now is time to fix it
ForceflowX: Well, it was a nice idea in theory, but not too good in affect. They just made different idiots.
Whitelion325: Exactly
Revalation115: we can never get rid of idiots there are to many
moronicdude: well, I bet we can get Niki in with us
Revalation115: and to fight them we would get pulled to their turf and be defeated cause they know the land better
Revalation115: agreed chris
moronicdude: and Niki will greatly help us out too
Revalation115: she dont care for it much either
Revalation115: as i can tell
Revalation115: some of the newbs arent that bad
ForceflowX: Well, one of the idiots is her brother, so she might want to stay neutral.
Revalation115: Jem for his newness isnt all that bad and he seems to be the one aom targets as his new bitch lol
moronicdude: heheheh
Revalation115: nah trillin left
moronicdude: gotta have someone
Whitelion325: Jem isn't that bad, cept I have a feeling Aom will have a field day w/ him ^^
Revalation115: lol
ForceflowX: He left? Thank god. He was one of the reasons I left.
Whitelion325: I'm glad I wasn't around for that, sounds bad
Revalation115: so we all agree New CT MUST DIE
ForceflowX: Can I push the Big Red Button? Pleeeeaaaasssseee? I haven't done that in forever...
moronicdude: lmao
Revalation115: lol
Whitelion325: YES!!
Revalation115: first we must get this done
Whitelion325: Big red button ^^
Revalation115: our goal for right now are these peopl
Revalation115: nicole first
Revalation115: then Miyu
Revalation115: finally Shona
Revalation115: then when tyi catches wind of it we'll have him in on it too
ForceflowX: I'll get Tyi.
Revalation115: Lady and Gentlemen we will have our home back
moronicdude: fuck yeah
Whitelion325: Lady and Gentlement...tha'ts waht my programming teacher says to me
Whitelion325: Oh, and...OH HELL FUCK YES
ForceflowX: Hear, hear.
Revalation115: so be it then for now lets have our characters go party lol
Whitelion325: *cheering in the background*
Revalation115: lol
Whitelion325: Oh, and boys?
Whitelion325: It's good to be back
Revalation115: to quote some famous dead person THIS IS OUR DAY OF RECONING
moronicdude: I'll call christy like tomorrow or thursday or sometime
Revalation115: its good to have you back
Revalation115: good
Whitelion325: Sweet
moronicdude: hell yeah its good to be back
Revalation115: she may not post much
Revalation115: but she will be usefull in our ploy
Whitelion325: Aom and I will get her back......we''ll try our damndest
ForceflowX: I'm glad to be back, but now I need a original character...
Revalation115: FF you said you got tyi
ForceflowX: I can get him, as soon as he calls.
Revalation115: i'll pull on strings where i can
Revalation115: which will be shona
moronicdude: if me and Lettia cant get her back she is beyond hope
ForceflowX: He'll call sometime this week, I guarantee. I can help with Shona too.
Whitelion325: Yup, what Chris said
Revalation115: it can be done guys especially with you too explainin the plot
Revalation115: kewl FF that would be appreciated
Revalation115: Time to go Home people
Whitelion325: ^-^
Revalation115: they say all good things must come to an end i say thats BULLSHIT
ForceflowX: Um... which way is home? I forgot...
Revalation115: lol
moronicdude: and clear out the garbage that moved in while we were gone
moronicdude: they owe us some rent money and they are getting evicted ASAP
Revalation115: no no im almost willing to bet the remake of our ct will push most of them away
Revalation115: thats right
Whitelion325: Hopefully
ForceflowX: Here's to hoping.
Revalation115: especially when we initiate the old rules again
Revalation115: including respect for the power above you
moronicdude: and those that dont agree with us will find their way into the bad side of some strong arm tactics
Revalation115: that will push most of them away
Whitelion325: *crosses toes*
Revalation115: lol
Revalation115: *hugs Lettia* no need for toe crossing we got this
Whitelion325: *gives everyone a hug*
ForceflowX: *Group hug!*
Revalation115: lol
Whitelion325: *yay! big happy groupy huggy thingy*
Revalation115: LOL
Revalation115: today we have made a step that will lead to those of us that matter being happy again
ForceflowX: To happiness!
Revalation115: TO HAPPINESS
Whitelion325: TO HAPPINESS
Revalation115: no no
Whitelion325: .........
Revalation115: To OUR HAPPINESS
ForceflowX: To our happiness!
Whitelion325: To OUR happiness ^^
Revalation115: and best of all TO THE DEATH OF IDIOCY IN OUR HOME
Whitelion325: Stupid people make me sick!
ForceflowX: To the death of Tyi-I mean idiocy. ^_^
Revalation115: *stifles laugh*
Whitelion325: *cough cough*
Whitelion325: *muffled giggle** oh jeez
Revalation115: oh ya
Revalation115: only a matter of time now
Revalation115: we all have our tasks lets get our home back
ForceflowX: What? The two are easily confused...
Whitelion325: True true, Jeff
Revalation115: lol
Revalation115: ah good a name shorter than the screen name
moronicdude: lol
ForceflowX: I thought most of you knew I was Jeff?
Whitelion325: I know that you're Bug Boy ^^
ForceflowX: So I ate a bug. big deal.
moronicdude: lol
Revalation115: lol
Whitelion325: *dances* Big bug hug, hug big bug! Squish! No hug bug!
moronicdude: i done that on accident
Revalation115: *sits back and laughs content because i have made a major accomplishment*
moronicdude: if you pull this off TJ, I swear I wont make fun of you or give you any crap*
moronicdude: *swear void after 10 minute maximum
Revalation115: shouldnt be hard from here
ForceflowX: Big bug hug, hug big bug, squish big bug, no bug hug.
Revalation115: lol its kewl
Revalation115: if we didnt argue it wouldnt feel right
ForceflowX: Heck, if we can get Tyi and Shona into this, it shouldnt be a problem at all.
Revalation115: well no not seeings as Shona runs the thing
Whitelion325: exactly
moronicdude: true
moronicdude: but sometimes is niki REALLY REALLY wants something to go her way...she will just do it and Tosh won't argue
moronicdude: *if
moronicdude: like shooting Tosh's no vampire rule down the drain
ForceflowX: True. Shona can get caught up in writing her fanfics and stuff, and not worry about the board enough to exert control.
Revalation115: lol
Whitelion325: True true
Revalation115: thats where we step in
Revalation115: cause in all reality we are or were in one way or another have the power to change this
ForceflowX: We are the board's first line of defense. Well, you guys are. I've yet to be around long enough to be initiated into the inner circle.
Revalation115: either mod ex mod or friend of the admin
Revalation115: we are the power here
Revalation115: lets flex that lost muscle again
Whitelion325: C'mon Jeff, you were Erik. You kick ass.
Revalation115: how would i invite someone else to this
ForceflowX: Yeah, but I've never been on the board for more than a month or so at a time. Something always comes up to drive me off for a bit.
Whitelion325: Click on People and then Chat invitation
Whitelion325: True, but still
NclMrchsn has entered the room.
moronicdude: lost muscle? i think we still have enough to show these retards whos in charge and they need to learn respect for their elders
Revalation115: ok
Revalation115: we have another of the people we were lookin for
ForceflowX: Heyas Niki.
Revalation115: who would care to fill her in
NclMrchsn: Kunichiwa
Whitelion325: *screams* ISISS
moronicdude: i'll do it
NclMrchsn: TIARA!
Revalation115: go for it chris
Whitelion325: *jumps on Nikki and gives her a big hug* Yea, let aom explain ^^
moronicdude: hey Niki, allright heres the deal ya ready?
NclMrchsn: umm..*hugs letta*..uhh kay
moronicdude: we got together, thanks to TJ here, and to be blunt, we don't like the way CT is going anymore
NclMrchsn: umm..okay..and why is that?
moronicdude: we want it the way it was before the 'great apocolypse'
Revalation115: because its become a childish hole there is no more "fun" its only battle all the time
Revalation115: people that are new acting like God
Revalation115: no one respects the mods
Revalation115: and the way things should have went was lost
NclMrchsn: ....ya notice that didnt ya...
Whitelion325: -sigh-
NclMrchsn: mods..hell none respect my athority
NclMrchsn: or shonys
Revalation115: thats why those of us here have a theory
moronicdude: and if you would mind taking a look at the Specials we made a post about old CT
Revalation115: the idea was a good one for the time
Revalation115: but the experiment failed
Revalation115: and its geting worse
Revalation115: time to cure it and get our home back
moronicdude: but we need to take back whats ours
Whitelion325: *gives hugs to Nikki* S'what we're trying to change
Revalation115: are you seriously happy with this *points to new ct*
NclMrchsn: okay...umm..let me figure this hate the new CT..mainly cause of the constant battles..that have really only come from Erik"Vincent"..
Revalation115: not just that
Revalation115: the fun is gone
moronicdude: yeah
NclMrchsn: and you want the old one back
Revalation115: what made CT what it was is gone
Revalation115: your gettin it
NclMrchsn: yeah u r right..ct has become atotal snore
Whitelion325: *snores*
Revalation115: to much fighting
Revalation115: not enough of anything else
moronicdude: we would like to strike some fear into the newbies and force some respect into them
Revalation115: nothin but snot noses thinkin they can spam and be god
NclMrchsn: and Lettia remeber what old CT was when we first started it..
Whitelion325: Old old CT....God I miss it
Revalation115: i dont recall the very original days but i have some days under my belt
moronicdude: yup yup yup
moronicdude: old old ct was the bomb
Revalation115: look at what we lost compared to what replaced it
Whitelion325: It was so fun!
NclMrchsn: *nods* when it iwas just isiss and ryoko...and leeta...and tiara..and nik..those were the days
Whitelion325: See....half of the reason why I stopped CT for awhile is because...there was NOTHING to do.
moronicdude: hell yeah it was fun, i remember staying up like 24 hours straight posting
Whitelion325: I would stay up SO late posting to just Leeta andRyoko and Nik
moronicdude: and now i cant stand more than and hour
NclMrchsn: lol...
Revalation115: none of us can
Revalation115: we want our home back
ForceflowX: It got awful towards the end... too many idiots posting.
NclMrchsn: ill go check the Spec. and see what u have come up with..then tell you what i think..alright?
Revalation115: k
Revalation115: keep in mind that thread is only a dip of the toe back into it
NclMrchsn: OMG! i just realized who you wree forceflow
ForceflowX: Wake up, Niki.
Revalation115: LOL
moronicdude: so Niki, with your help, we think we can flex enough collective muscle to pimp slap the newbies into the dark ages
NclMrchsn: Sorry...
NclMrchsn: LOL! readin
ForceflowX: Not a problem. I've been out of the loop for a while.
Revalation115: blunt but to the point from chris
Whitelion325: (Pimp slap HAHAHA)
NclMrchsn: yeah a long while there bud..
NclMrchsn: only Chris would come up with pimp slap
Revalation115: damn chris post
moronicdude: i did
NclMrchsn: yall if u guys are postin to spec. slow it a bit so i can catch up
moronicdude: and putting words in their simplest form is one of my specialties TJ
Whitelion325: see, to tell you how bad it is.....
Whitelion325: I was talking to Jem on AIM and even he said "This is nice, no fighting for a day or two"
moronicdude: what is jems sn anyway?
NclMrchsn: lol.,\
NclMrchsn: OKAY EVERYONE STOP POSTING! TY.. i need to read all this
Revalation115: lol
Revalation115: aight
Whitelion325: Ultima JemberA
Whitelion325: SORRY!
Revalation115: give a sec i invited him
Ultima JemberA has entered the room.
Revalation115: welcome Jem
Revalation115: this is the board for people against new CT
Whitelion325: Hiyas Jem
doseofviolence has entered the room.
Revalation115: well well
Ultima JemberA: Hello.
doseofviolence: well well hell
Ultima JemberA
: o_o
Whitelion325: Tyi! *hug*
doseofviolence: o
: Tyi i think you will be happy with what i have accomplished tyi
moronicdude: hey Tyi
ForceflowX: Welcome to the conspiracy, Tyi.
doseofviolence: *nods*
: shit im tired typed his name to many times
Revalation115: lol
doseofviolence: HUG ME WILL YA? ILL SHOW YOU!@
: *whimper*
doseofviolence: *group hugs everyone!!*
: ello tyi..
Whitelion325: heheh *group hug*
Revalation115: time to get our home back Tyi
NclMrchsn: *group hug*
Revalation115: time to get back our CT
ForceflowX: *Group hug!*
doseofviolence: alright
: *group hug*
Ultima JemberA: o_o
NclMrchsn: DAMN RIGHT!
doseofviolence: lets start this easy
: now
: Jem just hang on for the ride
doseofviolence: somebody volunteer to tell me the scoop
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods*
Revalation115: chris your up
Revalation115: tell the man
moronicdude: again?
doseofviolence: one person speak
: so chris
: has the floor
: I think Niki just summed it up for him
Revalation115: do it to it
doseofviolence: alright
: srom the summary
: i assume theres 100,000 people miraculously showin up and causing hell. correct?
: oh yeah
NclMrchsn: yeah
Ultima JemberA: o.o
Whitelion325: Oh hell fuck yes
Revalation115: basically
Revalation115: so its time to get our ct back
doseofviolence: ok
: there is this one guy.."walmartassociate' who wouldnt take a hint..i had to ban the name!
Revalation115: and get rid of the childish bullshit as you put it earlier
Revalation115: thats a friend of mine
Revalation115: i suggested the forum
Revalation115: he's an anime freak just dont know how to use the board lol
NclMrchsn: walmart is a pal of urs?
Revalation115: yea
Revalation115: from school
NclMrchsn: okay...warn him..THIS IS NOT A FUCKING WALMART!
Revalation115: i know
Whitelion325: LOL
NclMrchsn: and he was anoying the hell out of me...
Revalation115: like i siad he dont know the board
Ultima JemberA: o.o;
NclMrchsn: tell make a name that is anime beased
Revalation115: i did
ForceflowX: walmartassociate... geez.
NclMrchsn: awe! man i just realized...other then TJ and Jem....all the starters of the RPG is here in this very room..other then shony!
Revalation115: im close enough damnit lol
doseofviolence: quiet!
: its like a family get togeather..
doseofviolence: i must propose some solutions
Ultima JemberA
: o.o
Revalation115: shoot
Whitelion325: *sniffles and hugs my family,thenshuts up cuz tyi said so*
doseofviolence: alright
: heres how im going to do this
: hey tyi...(/) <--- kiss my but..ill say what i want
doseofviolence: i am going to suggest a few proposals
: then one at a time, each of you will express your opinion
: and others.
: that works
doseofviolence: now, heres my few ideas
: big smart collage
Revalation115: nicole... lol
doseofviolence: 1.
: *Coughbigsmartcollegedropoutcough*
doseofviolence: I WILL put a nameing policy into play
: JEFF! thats mean
doseofviolence: *coughstonedoutduringcollegecough*
: actually im going back. anyways.
: GOOD! anyway
ForceflowX: *Falls over from shock*
NclMrchsn: lol....*caughtyibigpotheadcaugh*
moronicdude: *faints*
doseofviolence: SILENCE!
: now.
Ultima JemberA
: o.o
doseofviolence: naming policy
: expalin
moronicdude: *snicker snicker*...tyi in college...
: such as
: say
: for example
: Russian
: all names would HAVE to be russian
: or they will be changed or deleted
: hence
: all names must match an anime setting
: no more walmartassociate bullshit
: ty! tyi A Jones
Revalation115: again that was a mistake and its being taken care of as we speak
moronicdude: im all for that one
doseofviolence: i mean strict policy
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods silently.*
Ultima JemberA: o.o
doseofviolence: second of all
: *Agrees so far*
Revalation115: quick put in
doseofviolence: I WOULD strongly suggest
: all battles from now on become more orderly
: i would like them to be live action and dice rolled but thats a bit out of possibility
: we need to innitialize the power of rank again
Revalation115: agreed
NclMrchsn: ....
doseofviolence: I am thinking of possibly introducing a laid back rulesheet and charasheet
: to organize the "CHEAT" fights
: forceflowx is really good at that type of organizzation
: becareful tyi..not everyone is down on the knowledge of pen and paper rpg
doseofviolence: then its high time they be educated on it
Ultima JemberA
: o.o
moronicdude: i never was any good at D&D
ForceflowX: Yeah, Tyi, I could lose you all...
doseofviolence: its simple really
: yes but its hard to know who's bein honest
moronicdude: yeah
doseofviolence: i know.
: morever
: *shrugs*
Revalation115: lets look at the rolls you've made on some of your characters tyi lol
doseofviolence: a charasheet would be a good change
: yeah
Ultima JemberA: o_o
doseofviolence: ok next issue
: Okay lost are you right now?
Ultima JemberA: I know of a way to use the roll thing...
Revalation115: but that is simply for battle
doseofviolence: this omnipresence isnt going to work
: and there should be alot less of that too
Revalation115: that ones pointed at me i know
moronicdude: i like the char sheets from Realms of Chaos
Ultima JemberA: I am not really lose..
doseofviolence: ....
: Hey Tyi, remember that Yahoo RPG with the char sheets? That could work...
doseofviolence: may i FINISH?
: but seems like im the only mode around sometimes so i do what i can ya know
doseofviolence: <agrees with forceflow>
: now
: *Puts out Herbert with a QUIET PLEASE sign taped to him*
doseofviolence: heres what i am thinking
: *nods in agreence with dose*
doseofviolence: in order to keep order with location problem
: a painstaking problem of MAP MAKING would need done
: making locations concrete and simple
Ultima JemberA
: I could try my hand at that o.o;
NclMrchsn: *whistles*..dont look at me..i cant do that stuff..
doseofviolence: no more spontanious structures
: now
: as for mapmaking
: we pretty well had that with old ct though tyi
doseofviolence: i know force is also an expert with this
: <all i can do> Is help ppl further understand rules ..realms ...and myths about certain things...and help them understand anime
ForceflowX: *Hides int he corner before he's elected to design CT in detail*
Revalation115: i can if someone would allow it morph the place accordingly and post the rules
Revalation115: but i need a mod upgrade to do so
doseofviolence: In simple, ladies and gentlemen, I would propose an entire destruction of the current ct, and plan an entirely new system.
: im here more than the rest of you i have the time to do it
doseofviolence: I propose we shut down, elect a design team
: agreed
Whitelion325: *pauses*
doseofviolence: and build it from the base up
Ultima JemberA
: o.o
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Revalation115: not so much shut down just do it all in one sweep
Revalation115: delete the old threads
doseofviolence: repairing the 13th floor of a damaged skyscraper isnt going to stop the building from toppling over
: .....sounds like a interesting plan..
Revalation115: and post the new rules they can like it or lieave
ForceflowX: A reincarnation, so to speak. I like it.
Whitelion325: This could be promising.
doseofviolence: it needs shut down temporarily
Ultima JemberA
: Sounds good...
Revalation115: can someone up my mod power please so i can get the rules up
ForceflowX: Tyi, check with Shona on this. I dont think she'd mind, but we need to be sure.
Revalation115: this is also true he makes a point
Revalation115: all and all its shona's board
NclMrchsn: im sure shony will understand..once i explain it to her
Revalation115: well ya but still
doseofviolence: she has since lost interest in her own rp
: *caugh caugh*..umm me and shonas board...dont put it all on her
doseofviolence: that is a bad sign
: again a mod upgrade so i can post rules and start character deletion and that shit
moronicdude: yeah
Whitelion325: Oh....
Revalation115: nicole could you do that for me please
moronicdude: i saw shony stopped posting awhile back
NclMrchsn: problem....
Revalation115: yea
Revalation115: thank you m'lady
Ultima JemberA: o_o
ForceflowX: Well, you're here and liking the idea, Nik. We just need to make sure Shona doesnt mind either.
NclMrchsn: yeah..she is finding more fun in writin her sories then nething
doseofviolence: let me go ask her
: <brb>
: i doubt it..she hasnt posted in so long..she dont really give a damn what happens
Whitelion325: *sigh*
ForceflowX: *Looks at his modlessness and shrugs*
Ultima JemberA: o_o
Whitelion325: *sighs* ...I miss old old CT....
NclMrchsn: lol...i could make u a mod..if i knew what chat u played..
Ultima JemberA: I wasn't here during the "Old CT"
Ultima JemberA: But I will admit.
NclMrchsn: dont worry lettia..we will get old ct back..if it kills all my chars
Ultima JemberA: What is happening so far... is total BS.
doseofviolence: heres the thing
: asap on that mod upgrade would be lovely nicole
NclMrchsn: I would like to point out...ERIK I WANT TO BLAME ERIK!
ForceflowX: Niki, right now I'm ForceflowX. ^_^ Between chars. I need a new idea.
doseofviolence: now TOTAL SILENCE until i am done
: i wish to be clear.
: now
: okay
doseofviolence: we have consent to demolish and rebuild.
: HERES what we would need for general purposes.
: a basic character sheet. not complex. just a simple outline with few stats.
: we need a generalized map
: whats in the area, bla bla
: i make a simple request
doseofviolence: new maps and new areas can always be submitted
: i want my characters mansion back damnit
doseofviolence: SHH wait
: agreed
doseofviolence: structures can be built
: there will be spots left blank for such
: now
: the naming policy will be STRICT
: it must fit the anime setting
: next
: for the sake of killing argument before it starts
: there will be no immortals
: dragons will no longer be playable
: but how many times will a person be allowed death and return
Revalation115: woa woa
NclMrchsn: well lets say good bye to lettia
NclMrchsn: lol..poor tiara!
doseofviolence: SHH
: ^^;; I'll be mortal, I'm not giving up tiara
Revalation115: the dragon thing wont go over well either
Whitelion325: (sorry)
doseofviolence: i havent even GOT to that yert
: nik seriously
Revalation115: drako is a good forum poster
doseofviolence: my reasoning
: and he's a dragon
Revalation115: he's the only decent one let him be an exception my plea
doseofviolence: its all too easy to simply revert to dragon form and just bite someone
: he doesnt though
Revalation115: nor will he
ForceflowX: Dragons can be slayed.
Revalation115: exactly
Ultima JemberA: o.o
doseofviolence: true. but i dont want pc's that i dont trust blowing it out of proportion
: But none of that 'Elder Dragon Death machine crap.
Revalation115: thats what mods are for
doseofviolence: i agree with force
: to keep eyes on the ones we can question but drako has been here as long as i have and he's damn good at it
doseofviolence: jesus christ wait
: WAIT tyi....I hate to interrupt but I have to leave
Revalation115: shit
ForceflowX: *Hits everyone with a Silence sign*
doseofviolence: coming back?
: can someone be so kind as to save this and send it to me in email?
Whitelion325: I can't.......its my bedtime
Revalation115: got it
ForceflowX: I will.
Revalation115: ok FF you do it
ForceflowX: Gnight, Lettia.
Revalation115: im pushin as well
moronicdude: ....nighty lettia
Revalation115: night lettia
Whitelion325: Thank you all....sorry for interrupting Tyi.....*hugs everyone* Luv ya all nighty
Ultima JemberA: Night
doseofviolence: night
: now
: night lettia
Whitelion325 has left the room.
doseofviolence: concerning the dragon thing with NO interruption
: ill allow them
: under the following conditions
: NO GREAT WYRM, elder or whatnot.
: just basic
: hatchling to juvenile or somthing
: somthing that doesnt take an army to subdue
: hey now tyi..dont get to power hungry and big headed..
doseofviolence: im not
Ultima JemberA
: Question about dragons..
doseofviolence: im trying to destroy th controversy
: then ask
Ultima JemberA: The elemental thing will still stay right?
doseofviolence: elementals are alright
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods*
doseofviolence: magic will be toned down for the purpose of repetitive use to shall i say, overkill?
: lol..
Revalation115: agreed
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Revalation115: however
Revalation115: not to the point to where it is useless
doseofviolence: i didnt say useless
: I'm keeping hionshi..for the simple fact she is a God..creator...of the Rp..
Revalation115: example fighting anything with a fuckin metroid
doseofviolence: im saying STOP ALTERING PLANETARY ORBIT people!
Ultima JemberA
: Lol
doseofviolence: the planets are not your pool balls
: pluto isnt the cue ball
: *snaps fingers* damn
Revalation115: lol
doseofviolence: adnd the sun sure as hell IS NOT the corner pocket
: lol
Ultima JemberA: lol
doseofviolence: generally speaking am i clear on the magic thing?
: Man, there goes my Saturday night entertainment
ForceflowX: Yes.
Revalation115: yes
NclMrchsn: yep
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Revalation115: what about chemistry and mechanic
Revalation115: like Gundams
Revalation115: concerning a particluar few
Revalation115: you take trowa's gundam and you take the kids leg lol
Ultima JemberA: lol
NclMrchsn: lol...
doseofviolence: im leaning to no gundams
: Gundams are slightly out of whack. For one thing, they're big.
doseofviolence: why you might ask?
: overkill as bad as magic
: mainly for trowa
Revalation115: i mean come on that is his whole character more or less
Revalation115: just tone them down
Ultima JemberA: True.
Revalation115: and he's a classic character as well
doseofviolence: brb
: *takes deep breath*.....this will take all night wont it
Revalation115: it cant
Revalation115: we'll have to go with it through pm's
Revalation115: cause some of us have school tomora
NclMrchsn: lol...true
Revalation115: i know what im suppose to do
Revalation115: any changes in that can just be pmed to me
ForceflowX: I'll work on it as long as neccessary. I came back because I enjoyed CT. I'm not here for a bad DragonballZ knockoff.
Ultima JemberA: o.o
Revalation115: ROCK ON
Revalation115: CORE RULE NO DBZ
Revalation115: of any kind
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
NclMrchsn: lol! nicely put Jeff
Revalation115: also people calling out there attacks is starting to annoy
Ultima JemberA: Hey man.
NclMrchsn: lol
Ultima JemberA: Some spells use that for an "enchanment."
moronicdude: calling out attacks?
Ultima JemberA: or as part of it.
moronicdude: like goku and the Kamehamema?
NclMrchsn: okay all..ill brb in like 5 mins okay..
NclMrchsn has left the room.
Revalation115: just explain the name of it and what it does yelling it makes you sound like a power ranger
Ultima JemberA: No.
Ultima JemberA: True.
Ultima JemberA: But if its name falls within an enchantment.
Ultima JemberA: Thats okay.
Ultima JemberA: but by just going off and saying a magics name
Ultima JemberA: then throwing it.
Ultima JemberA: blah..
Revalation115: you get my point
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Revalation115: also in the ways of rooms i think they should be redone as well
ForceflowX: Chanting something to cast is quite alright. Calling out Fireball Death Shower is not.
Revalation115: LOL
moronicdude: lol
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
Revalation115: again ROCK ON
moronicdude: thats retarded
Ultima JemberA: That is the No no spells.
Ultima JemberA: Now question here.
Ultima JemberA: Was it mentioned earlier about somehow using dice for battles?
Revalation115: no
Revalation115: just having some stats
ForceflowX: And if I ever see anyoen use something like a Dragon Slave, I will hack into Tyi's account to ban them.
Revalation115: LOL
doseofviolence: Ill let you
Ultima JemberA
: o.O
Revalation115: that one was aimed
Ultima JemberA: That hurts man.
ForceflowX: No dice, too troublesome. Stats could work alright.
Ultima JemberA: Deep inside me.
Revalation115: Tyi real quick cause i have to go
Revalation115: i need a rough draft of the new rules and pm'ed any changes
doseofviolence: heres what i want to do
: im dealin with the actuall metamorphisis of the place
Revalation115: changin the threads and headers and shit like that
doseofviolence: i want everyone to come up with some suggestion
: and then pm them to me
doseofviolence: force, i want you to make 3 different systems unless you find one that suffices perfect
: also Chris dont forget to talk to miyu
ForceflowX: Sorry Jem, but a DS is just wrong on a fundamental level.
ForceflowX: Systems? Okay.
doseofviolence: i will work on others
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods* its cool FF.
Revalation115: Tyi pm me a rough draft of the rules and any header changes you want
Revalation115: i'll get to that first thing tomora
Ultima JemberA: Shit.
Revalation115: also the weeding of the people that dont post
Ultima JemberA: *Just remembred somthing.*
Revalation115: go to bed Jem
Ultima JemberA: No not that lol.
Ultima JemberA: Some wayyy mroe important.
Ultima JemberA: o.o
doseofviolence: well for now
: i want to say this
: Im proud of all of you for sticking through with us the last year and a half
Ultima JemberA
: o.o;;;;;
doseofviolence: we need YOU the original staff to help fix and create
: I want you all to work TOGETHER
: do i count as original staff
Revalation115: lol
doseofviolence: and we will fix this well.
: DO NOT argue amongst yourselves please
: agreed
doseofviolence: handle this like decent people.
: we need our home back i say by damit lets get it back
ForceflowX: So, does this mean we've earned mod status? ^_^
Ultima JemberA: ^_^()
Revalation115: dont get excited Jem
Revalation115: sry lol
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
doseofviolence: <nods>
: i dont think that is what tyi meant
doseofviolence: for now i must take leave
Ultima JemberA
: o_o
doseofviolence: tomorrow
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods*
Revalation115: your a little wet behind the ears for mod
doseofviolence: we will meet again
Ultima JemberA
: I know.
Ultima JemberA: A little to green you could say.
doseofviolence: your ideas in orderly as i call you
: i'll try if im not here just pm me the shit
doseofviolence: if we do this organized alot will get done
: agreed
doseofviolence: chaotically, hell we might as well not tried.
Ultima JemberA: OLD CT!!
Revalation115: *raises a glass*
Ultima JemberA: ::Raies a cup.::
Ultima JemberA: rasies*
ForceflowX: *Raises french toast*
doseofviolence: to old ct
Ultima JemberA
: *Nods*
moronicdude: *raises a JD bottle*
doseofviolence: <raises THE LAW>
Ultima JemberA
: I havn't been here that long..
moronicdude: to old ct
Ultima JemberA: But I will do my part to try to help out.
Revalation115: lets get this session ended
doseofviolence has left the room.
ForceflowX: *Takes abck his Law*
Revalation115: gentlemen i bid the the evenin
Revalation115 has left the room.
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
Ultima JemberA: Farewell.
ForceflowX: Farewell.
Ultima JemberA: I guess I will stay til last.
Ultima JemberA: *Shrugs*
moronicdude: later
Ultima JemberA: o.o
Ultima JemberA: I need some ideas on how to help out.
moronicdude: such as?
Ultima JemberA: I don't know really.
Ultima JemberA: THe only one I had.
Ultima JemberA: is pretty much blown to shit.
ForceflowX: Well, you could try looking around to determine who needs a boot applied to their ass.
Ultima JemberA: I already know of a few.
Ultima JemberA: But I swore I heard something about dice earlier...
ForceflowX: Well, Tyi has me on systems, since I'm the resident RPG Nut.
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: If we need dice though.
Ultima JemberA: and need it for fair ness.
Ultima JemberA: good ol AOHELL here can help.
*OnlineHost*: Ultima JemberA rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 3
Ultima JemberA: o_o
*OnlineHost*: Unknown "//" command.
ForceflowX: Bugger, I've forgotten the command AGAIN.
Ultima JemberA: first you type //
ForceflowX: Yeah, I remember that.
Ultima JemberA: then with out anyspaces, you type
Ultima JemberA: roll
Ultima JemberA: I just forget how to make it roll different sides n stuff.
*OnlineHost*: moronicdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 6
moronicdude: sweet...
*OnlineHost*: ForceflowX rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 5
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
Ultima JemberA: We can use this for dice if need be.
*OnlineHost*: ForceflowX rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 2
Ultima JemberA: The sides can go from a 1, 2 sided dice
Ultima JemberA: to 15, 999 sided.
moronicdude: how?
Ultima JemberA: I forget teh comman.
Ultima JemberA: command*
Ultima JemberA: But you can do it.
Ultima JemberA: Let me go check real quick.
Ultima JemberA: well shit..
Ultima JemberA: None of my friends that have aol are on.
Ultima JemberA: I can check on that tommorow.
Ultima JemberA: I know it won't probably be of help, but atleast I will be contributing n.n;;
ForceflowX: Hey, every little bit counts.
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: You said your the rpg man around here right?
ForceflowX: Damnit, how am I gonna come up with three system ideas for this?
ForceflowX: Yeah, I'm a gamerholic.
Ultima JemberA: Sweetness.
Ultima JemberA: By rpg's do you mean all in particular?
Ultima JemberA: or just online styles
Ultima JemberA: like sites n shit?
ForceflowX: All of em. My original CT char, Jiro, came from a Tenchi Muyo game I ran for Tyi, Shona, and Niki.
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: hmmm... *Just had an idea...*
Ultima JemberA: I doubt it would work though...
moronicdude: mmmmmm...we need to tell Vincent his days are numbered...
moronicdude: hehehehe
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
Ultima JemberA: Trust me man.
ForceflowX: Let's hear it. You never know.
Ultima JemberA: since I have been here.
Ultima JemberA: I have been after his ass.
Ultima JemberA: but.. have you by anychance heard of Vagabond's Quest from
moronicdude: your still new, you never seen a good fight on CT
Ultima JemberA: I have seen some stuff that you might not think I have..
ForceflowX: Nope. will have to look into it.
Ultima JemberA: When old CT was here.
Ultima JemberA: I never joined, but I just read on the threads and what not.
moronicdude: why do i get the feeling this isn't your first go around on ct?...
Ultima JemberA: No, it is.
moronicdude: how long you been watchin?
Ultima JemberA: I promise you on that.
ForceflowX: Lurker! ^_^
Ultima JemberA: I have known of CT for about......... 5 months now.
moronicdude: damned spy....
moronicdude: jk
ForceflowX: Vincent is an ass.
Ultima JemberA: But I have only been on for about 1.
Ultima JemberA: Lol no kiddin.
moronicdude: 5 months? thats it?
Ultima JemberA: *Shrugs*
Ultima JemberA: I would say around 5 months of knowing of it.
moronicdude: let long has this damned new ct been around?
Ultima JemberA: I would say...
Ultima JemberA: around 3 to 4 months.
moronicdude: since thanksgiving i believe
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
moronicdude: cause i know i went out of town and i think that was when it was
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: Another idea n.n;;
ForceflowX: Damn evil new CT crap... it was for a good purpose, to wipe out asshats, but it just didn't follow through.
moronicdude: yeah
moronicdude: they came back
Ultima JemberA: But we need some genius's for it.
ForceflowX: Keep em coming, Jem. Ideas good.
Ultima JemberA: Well.
ForceflowX: *Holds up his genius sign* ^_^
Ultima JemberA: You know what Java script is right?
moronicdude: yeah
Ultima JemberA: Welllll
Ultima JemberA: If we had tons of people working on something...
Ultima JemberA: It is possible to make an RPG out of java.
Ultima JemberA: That is what Vagabond's Quest is pretty much.
Ultima JemberA: A java script coded rpg.
moronicdude: would be am amazing idea but that would take time
Ultima JemberA: Yes a lot of time.
ForceflowX: Nonono... we dont want to get that complex... it might be neat as an experiment, but it would be time consuming.
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: Another Idea would be....
Ultima JemberA: To lose the forum style...
Ultima JemberA: which I know won't happen.
moronicdude: possibily something like a real time rpg on a chat type board with archives of the stuff deleted from sight...
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: I have been doing online rpgs for about 2 years now.
Ultima JemberA: And I have been though many types.
moronicdude: that would be fuckin awesome for an expirament but a real pain to do constantly
Ultima JemberA: from speed, to turn base, to now forums.
Ultima JemberA: True.
Ultima JemberA: But chatroom rpgs can somewhat be good.
ForceflowX: Chatroom RPGs only work when you can be on with some consistency.
moronicdude: yeah
Ultima JemberA: True true.
Ultima JemberA: That I know for a fact.
Ultima JemberA: Because with chat rpgs.
Ultima JemberA: comes stats.
Ultima JemberA: and if you miss like a week...
Ultima JemberA: then pretty much your screwed.
ForceflowX: Yep.
Ultima JemberA: Actually another Idea would be combing chats and forums together.
Ultima JemberA: combining*
ForceflowX: Hmm... could use chat for important combat and such.
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
moronicdude: mhmm
Ultima JemberA: and IF the dice thing does happen.
Ultima JemberA: if can be used to add up damage.
Ultima JemberA: and stats.
Ultima JemberA: and all that.
moronicdude: sweet
moronicdude: good thinking
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: Lol I guess I am not as dense as I thought I was n.n()
Ultima JemberA: And about the maps.
ForceflowX: Now to figure out a system to use... grr...
Ultima JemberA: That is the problem right there.
Ultima JemberA: Without the system.
Ultima JemberA: Nothing else can be made.
Ultima JemberA: Rules can't be.
Ultima JemberA: maps can't be.
Ultima JemberA: nothin.
Ultima JemberA: But if maps are needed.
Ultima JemberA: I can make them up.
Ultima JemberA: only thing I have to work with is Paint.
Ultima JemberA: But I should beable to make some type of plans with it.
ForceflowX: Maps can be done without rules, as long as they are simple square grid, or even more general city maps and such.
Ultima JemberA: I use to be in a resident evil style rpg online.
Ultima JemberA: And I was making some maps for things like that..
Ultima JemberA: so.....
Ultima JemberA: I should beable to come up with something.
Ultima JemberA: when the time comes that is.
ForceflowX: I wish I had my old mapmaker software... Tyi had to go lose it...
Ultima JemberA: Ouch.
ForceflowX: Tyi can be... forgetfulish.
Ultima JemberA: Lol.
Ultima JemberA: I wander if he was serious...
moronicdude: pot has a tendenct to do that
Ultima JemberA: about us being made to mods
Ultima JemberA: Lol
moronicdude: *tendency
Ultima JemberA: well guys.
Ultima JemberA: I am outta here.
moronicdude: night dude
Ultima JemberA: I am gonna be a zombie tommorow at school.
Ultima JemberA: Lol Night.
Ultima JemberA: Nice meeting you two.
moronicdude: you too
Ultima JemberA: *Nods*
Ultima JemberA: Well, I'm out.
Ultima JemberA: Lata
Ultima JemberA has left the room.
moronicdude has left the room.