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Final Fantasy MASAMUNE X

FINAL FANTASY : MASAMUNE X FINAL FANTASY : MASAMUNE X FFM is a rp that is getting ready to launch off by the end of April 6!

So far in FFM the world has just experienced its first encounter with the shai-ko, monsters of another realm. Many thousands have been slain and increasing each week. You are one of the 24 people still able to draw magic from the core life of the world, Materite. The other 23 also have the same goal as you and some may be more hostile then others. Now you start your life. Luck be with you for the shai-ko or other hero to come may decide to bring death upon you.
NOTE : IF YOU DIE AND ARE IN A PARTY POSSABLE TO BE REVIVED, if not you better let me know if you want any more chances to start again.
May your blade chip and shatter - Saying of Dune



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