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The Awakening Of The Crimson Lord

1000 years have passed since the end of the War of the Oblivion. The gentle shawl of peace has slowly crept back over the Earth each day since the demise of the wretched Crimson lord. His minions were banished to the desolation of the void, and his essence was stored deep within the cavernous depths of the Earth. Guardians were chosen from the most powerful and decorated heroes of the war to guard the Crimson essence, so that his evil could never again taint the hearts of men. The most potent of magicks were placed upon the chosen few, and their watch was unceasing. Though attempts were indeed made to retreive the power of the Crimson lord, no one ever succeeded in passing the guardians, and for 1000 years their watch remained undisputed.

On the morn of the beginning day of the thousandth year, a warrior appeared at the gaping maw of the Earth, and entered into her depths. His purpose was clear, as it was the same as any of the others who would enter, unfortunately, this warrior was different. His silence made the whisper of the wind seem a roar of clamour, and the deep blue-black swirls in his aura gave him the countenance of supreme power. The only surviving guardian recounted that, in battle,the man moved as though he did not exist, his speed and stamina made him seem almost incorporeal, and that no blows could penetrate his defences. Shattering armor and bone in single, deft, blows he was a wraith, unstoppable in his lust for his prize, and upon retrieving it, he imbibed it immediately.

And that was the moment the world changed. The ultimate warrior, had joined with the ultimate power, and the blanket of evil could once again settle over the Earth. Now the warrior and the evil are one in the same, and his reign has taken a fierce hold over the land. Men and women fight furious battles on both sides of the line. He has corrupted the minds and hearts of thousands, but many still stand to defend this world from his tyranny. The war against the new Crimson lord is at hand. May the gods help us all.