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Human Race

Historical analysis and fossil dating have yet to determine the true beginnings of the human race, and the elves rather enjoy dangling the secrets of their origins before them. By far the most abundant of any race, human beings populate nearly every area on the face of the Earth. Average in both height and build, humans find themselves able to accel at nearly any task they endeavor. Legends speak of unfathomably powerful mages, all but unstoppable warriors, and even deviously clever rogues and scoundrels, all proudly declaring themselves as human. The largest bastions of humankind are vast sprawling cities, containing thousands upon thousands of individuals, the largest of these being Tharenoth, Dardu, and Precemia. Tharenoth is the home of the King Toredas, and his loyal army of mage-knights. Dardu boasts the most powerful magicks in the land, she is home to numerous magicians and sorcerers, and here magical wares are the best that can be bought or sold. Precemia is a land of nature, and beauty. Lieing on the border of the elf-lands, much of the city itself is entrenched by massive foliage. Precemia is the result of the Treaty of Lae'Huornae (the pledge of peace between man and elf) and ever since its signing the city has flourished greatly. Above all humans are believers in their own free will. Whether good, evil, warrior, or mage, all humans understand that their brethren are following their own chosen path, this makes them perhaps the most versatile race of any.

Race Moves

  • Lightening Bolt

  • Hue Barrier

  • Melevolent Slash

  • Concentration