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Players Guide

Time & Day in the FFX Realm:
Game time sunrise is 6:00am and sunset is 12:00pm, then rises again at 6:00pm and sets at 12:00am this is permanent as the game does not experience daylight savings. ( Note: For reference to game time vs real world time compare your time against the Central time zone, also time passes twice as fast so the game basically has a 12 hour day. 24 hours would be two game days.)

The stats:
STR - strength the users over all potential this determines how much damage he/she will inflict when using physical attacks. Also it determines how well you can resist physical and magical attacks.
DEX - dexterity the users speed this determines if you can evade oncoming physical and magickal attacks.
MEN - mentality intelligence this lets you learn magical moves, and other occupations (classes) if high enough.
VIT - vitality health when this reaches zero during battle your player looses.
ALC - alchemy this enables you to cast magic based attacks and defend against some magic based moves.

How To Join:
. On this board give what race you want to be. Also I will need the name of your character, you personallity (good, evil, or neutral) ((note!! Demons are always evil and angel's are always good but we still need you to type our the alignment)), last but not least divide 1,000 points into the following stats Strength, Dexterity, Mentality, Vitality, Alchemy. I will also need a valid email adress and aim name if these aren't indicated when you post your application you will not be joined. Also make sure when posting you information make sure you make a new post and now post under anyone elses.