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Final Fantasy XI Online Beta Screen Shots

Sup all these are some screens i took during beta. they saved smaller for some reason so harder to see but hope u enjoy them and hope that u all give the game a try.. it pwns u! Um a bit of pricing info on the game- retail will cost $49.95 which also includes the Rise of Zilart expansion it will be $12.95 a month and $1.00 for each additional character and also tetra master will be $1.00. if u have any questions regarding the game u are welcome to email me or my AIM SN is neoredman - I D

me and my bro Lemian standing in the Bastok Markets. This is also the /salute emote.
/bow emote
Pimpin ;)
fountain in Bastok Markets
/point @ all the fools gathering for Beta's final event.
looking out from Port Jeuno
airship coming into port jeuno
just a few low lvl magic animations..barsleep,cure,protect
some cooler shit here..the GM's had a "final event" for beta. for the last like 4 hours of game they would port us places to fight crazy shit from FFX like king behemoth and the marlboro..they hooked us up with fireworks to set off..showed us some high lvl summons and some uber armor sets