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Chocobo Stables

The Chocobo stables are Panthoís alternative to Plasokís Kilca Express. It is a number of compartments fuelled by two Chocobos at the front, in the middle and at the back. In total 6.

When they reach the Grandine Mountain range, they have to change the chocobos to mountain (brown) chocobos, as they are the only ones able to scale mountains. Also Fersivians canít be used as they are not very strong and can only hold little weights.

The two main stops where the trains come from and finish at are: Burglash and Kilja. The other stops on the circuit that they make are: Ciranda, Mountain range, Kouver, Spingo*, Pithsburg and Anosb.

*Spingo is only on the track for specialised trains. As 7/10 go from Kouver straight to Burglash and the remaining 3/10 goes to Spingo after Kouver before going to Burglash.