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Burglash, Pantho at dawn Lord Buka’s mansion is all quiet with all his bodyguards keeping watch and his four main ones at the top: Flitz, Dolph, Sylvester and Sabat.

A large wind powered flying ship flew slowly towards the tallest tower, which was Buka’s bedroom. Three masked men jumped off the ship and onto the roof quietly. They tied a rope to themselves and jumped off the edge, through the window and CRASH! F, D, S and S hear something down stairs but stay put, the masked men make short work of the bodyguards at the bottom and run along. F, D, S and S hear a bump come from the door below the stairs. They hear it bump again and it then it flies off and the 3 masked men run up the stairs. Flitz and Dolph confront them.

Flitz: Go save the king! AAHHH!!!

Flitz yells to Sylvester and Sabat


First Battle Playable Characters: Flitz and Dolph Enemies: 3 masked men This battle is mainly for tutorial means. It explains the battle system. --------------------------------------------------------------- After the battle the men will punch Flitz and Dolph and jump past them to meet Sylvester and Sabat. Sylvester and Sabat open the Kings room door quickly, shut it and put a spear through the handles so the men couldn’t get through. Sylvester and Sabat pant. They then see that there are two more masked men in this room one choking the king and one with a knife at his wife’s throat. Mask man: You move and the woman dies The man with the wife smirks. Sabat scowls and throws his hammer at the main man. It hits him in the head and bounces back to Sabat where he turns around and hits the other smack in the face as well. Sylvester runs over to the king Sylvester: Are you okay sir? The king gurgles. The men get back up and say “You’ll pay for that” -------------------------------------------------------------- 2econd Battle Playable Characters: Sylvester and Sabat Enemies: Two masked men and leader This battle shows the ability to produce double impulses. -------------------------------------------------------------- One man throws a knife in Sylvester’s leg and he screeches. The other pushes Sabat down. They nab the king and jump out the window, leaving his wife. Sabat runs to the window and sees the big ship outside setting off. The men we’re on the ground signalling the ship down. Sabat: Bastards! They won’t get away! Sabat runs to the closed door Sabat: Flitz, we need your- The masked men break through the door and forward flip over Sylvester and Sabat out the window. Flitz runs through in with his bazooka and Sabat grabs it and fires as many shots at the ship as he can and causes a big explosion, causing no damage to the ship. Sabat growls. Sylvester runs to the emergency button and opens it with his key and presses the button hard. Guns come out of the wall outside of the tower and fire at the ship. Dolph comes flying in, with a mini hover ship Dolph: C’mon! They jump on and it flies out the window after the ship. Flitz, Dolph and Sylvester all fire their guns at the ship but cause no effect Sylvester: There’s a deflector shield! Sabat: Go higher! Dolph moves the hover ship up and Sabat jumps off and slams his hammer right on one of the man’s head. -------------------------------------------------------------- Battle 3 Playable characters: Sabat (Support from F, D and S on hover ship) Enemies: Numerous men -------------------------------------------------------------- Sabat now runs to the controls and slams his hammer on it destroying the shield Sabat: Now! -------------------------------------------------------------- Battle 4 Playable Characters: Flitz, Dolph or Sylvester In this battle you can choose to be F, D, or S Flitz has to fire missiles at the ship, mainly the engine Dolph has to pilot the hover ship and avoid trees and ledges Sylvester has to pick off other enemy hover ships trailing them ------------------------------------------------------------- F, D and S fire as much as they can and blow up one of the engines making the ship tilt sideways. Another little hover ship from the big ship falls off as well as the main masked man and many other men plus Sabat. The men run to the hover ship where as Sabat tackles the last one and brandishes his hammer. D, F and S fly down onto the ground and dive off the hover ship as it crashes. The main ship tried to get away sideways but Flitz fires a harpoon from his bazooka to anchor it down Flitz: Oh, no you don’t! He shouts The rest of the men fire up the fallen hover ship and hover over to Sabat who is about to kill the masked man. The main masked man jumps off the ship onto the ground and shouts Masked man: Don’t even think about it! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Battle 5 (The final battle) Playable Characters: Flitz, Dolph, Sylvester and Sabat Enemies: five masked men and leader In this battle the player has the ability to use the Quadruple Impulse, which is all players Impulses combined to cause major damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The men fall back on the floor and one of them fires a knife at Flitz’s harpoon anchor setting the ship free, which flies off sideways. The men run into the hover ship which Flitz blasts immobilising it. They jump down a hill and run off. F, D, S and S look down the hill to an out of range group of enemies. Sabat shouts loud and throws his hammer at them. It flies toward the last member of the group, he turns around and SMACK! It sticks into his face and the other members disappear into the trees. FINAL FANTASY® REVELATIONS