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The Beginning

This following passage has been brought together by Plasok research society, a story of the past awaits:

In the beginning there were 6 Black gods. Light, dark, ice, water, lightning and fire. They made the earth and all living things. And lived quietly on the clouds. They were in charge of sunlight, weather etc.

The people on earth were all friends and were capable of using magic (except Light and dark) they used this for different uses to survive. E.g. Fire for warmth, water for drink. Although they were all happy they didnít know of the terror that was to come.

But one day up in the clouds, the dark god gave a proposal to the lightning god. He said with their combined powers they could take control of the other 4 gods and of the earth, as they were the two strongest. Lightning agreed and they continued with their plan. They killed the light god and cast it down to earth leaving the world in darkness. Then water and ice were also cast down as they surrendered.

Then only fire was left. Fire expected this and defeated dark after being confronted by him. Dark disappeared and the light returned but the light god did not. But after a massive battle between Lightning and Fire afterwards, Lightning then defeated fire and was about to cast it down, but something happened. Something happened. No one was sure what, but it happened.

Fire and lightning were cast down but in the process ripped a big hole in the nation on the earth and set it alight. Many died. Few survived. But the people who did started a grudge with the bordering nation. Fire and Lightning were buried underground by force. The two nations were now called Pantho and Plasok and hated each other. But what caused fire and lightning to be cast down? Do you know?

That was centuries ago. People now accuse their neighbouring nations of splitting the world up. And no one, no one can use magic anymore. Except 6 people.

Who are they? Youíll find out