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In Hogball not always your initiative will help you win. There are many items and upgrades that you can customize you players, your chocobos and you hover ships with.

For example: If your chocobo has good armour then he or she will be more confident when in a jousting match and even might bite the opposing chocobo. Or even better jousting sticks, for a better possibility of getting the ball when in a confrontation.

And also: You can had better speed packs to your hover ships to help them outrun the opposition and even armour for your ship so there will be less chance of it crashing or malfunctioning with all the bashes the enemies will give it.

Most of the best items on offer will be in the Hogball accessory shop and even some item shops when it gets popular and some cut-scenes might appear of some adoring fans looking and talking about the new accessories.

But mostly you’ll nee armour or potions for yourself because it is a rough game Hogball.