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Pantho and Plasok. The two continents in an eternal war that will consume the rest of evryones lives. Wont it?

PANTHO: Pantho is where most of our heroes come from: Sabat and Sylvester. Pantho has a greater pobularity than Plasok and has more cities and towns. The thing that Pantho dont have that Plasok do tough is Radio waves. Radio waves are Plasok's main advantage in the war and Pantho are no where near developing it. Although they have salvaged a few broken and stolen ships that can fly they are far behind.

PLASOK:Plasok are very high up in the electronic industry. Somehow a few years an unknown man developed an invisible link whic was named Radio Waves. They now consume the whole of Plasok's main five cities: Kilca, Catra, Miturio, Berwyn, Wonglid. All these cities are provided with electricity from the TOP (Tower of Power) in Kilca. For more information about the cities in Plasok click here. Althouh having a less population than Pantho it is a lot more organised and ruled very well.