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There are many past, present and future stories that need to be told in FFR. Here is a choice of many stories from it.

The story far...

The two continents, one world. Pantho and Plasok are constantly at war in the land of Ketra. They are so because of many reasons. The main one is that they both accuse each other of splitting the once whole land in two, two millions of years ago (You will see who is the actual culprit in The Beginning).

Plasok are far better off than Pantho. They have a lot more technology and more structural land than Pantho and are constantly attacking. Pantho have managed to create some machines from stealing Plasok documents, but only few.

Which brings us to the current time in Ketra. King Buka has been kidnapped by what seemed to be Plasok troops.

Sabat, Sylvester, Dolph and Flitz (Buka’s bodyguards) have gone on the trail to rescue the king and find out what has started brewing in the land of Ketra.

Here is a list of other stories from FFR: