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The main race in the land of Ketra is obviously human or Man as they call it. But as well as that there are also many others races, such as:


Man is basically human and most of the population of Ketra is made up of humans like usual. Although not always meeting ends most Man people are quite intelligent


Fersivians are large dogs that have rather large noticeable claws, which Pantho residents use as mountain climbers. They are loyal to Pantheons only though, as they were bred there first. Some are able to mutter words of talk but most stay quiet and do their job.

Alben Tabs

These ferocious creatures live only in Plasok and mostly only in Alben. They are like Bats, sleep at day, and hunt at night. Although these beasts bite anything they can find, they seem happy with the residents of Alben and stay away from them, any visitors donít stand a chance though. As only one bite from a Tab and you could be infected for life.


Chocobos appear in nearly every FF and FFR doesnít disappoint. This time they are used for Hogball (the main game in Ketra) but also used by Pantheons in battle. (plasokeons donít use them as they have hover ships)


Crivits live all around the world of Ketra. Crivits are frogs/toads who are able to stand and can also fight. They have the ability to talk and sometimes are great fighters. There is said to be a riddle in which to solve their pain and turn them back into humans, as they were all humans once but an unknown disease changed them. Although looking cute some of them are quite dangerous and unfriendly.