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The main sport in Ketra or mainly in Plasok is:


There are 7 players on each team. Three Chocobo riders, three hover riders, and one goalie. The pitch is in a sort of oval shape. The players must use whatever means possible to get the ball and score in the oppositions net. Like a mixture of Blitzball and quiditch. The Chocobo riders or the CR for short can only stay on the ground and the hover ships can only stay in the air (Unless broken so bad it fails and crashes). The ball is in the shape of a rugby ball but with a javelin through it, so players must be careful when catching and handling it.


CR: The CR job is to throw the ball back into air-born play while battling on the floor. If a confrontation occurs a jousting battle must occur and the player with the most HP will receive the ball. The CR can also shoot in the lower goal but doesnít give as many points.

HR: The hover riders or the HR play on the upper half of the pitch. They handle the ball between themselves and try to stop the opposition by any means possible. They have mini machine guns on the front of their ships and also all have a mallet in their spare hand. This is to either whack opponents or hit the ball into the net.


Each goal scored in the upper net is worth 5 points and each goal scored in the lower net it worth 2. Also after scoring the scorer can choose if they want a chance or a handicap. A chance is another shot on goal but without a keeper. But the computer may place the shooter anywhere so it may be simple or impossible to score. The handicap is where you can disable an opponentís ability. So if they have a good shooting score you can half it, or maybe disable someoneís ship so that they canít fly as fast.

Other Information

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