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There many minigames and mini quests on FFR as there is in most Final Fantasy past number 6. The main Sport in the land of Ketra though is called Hogball. A high intensity game which uses chocobos, joust stciks and hover ships in an all-out game for victory. To learn more about Hogball click here.

Apart from Hogball though there are other activities to do in Ketra.


There are races Chocobo and Hover races. In these players can decide whether they want to gamble on who wins or actually be in the race. (Must have purchased a ship or trained a Chocobo first)


There is also a classic games arcade in the centre of Milwack. They have games from previous FF such as:

FF7 - Cloud’s motorbike challenge

FF7 - Cloud’s Snowboard challenge

FF8 – Train challenge

FF9 – Z and B choreography

FF9 – Lindplum’s festival of the hunt

Battle Arena

There is also a battle Arena to enter, which is similar to FF7’s. After each battle a handicap system comes on and chooses a handicap, enemies also get harder the further way through.

Fight Choreography

This is a new feature to Final Fantasy. The computer character yells out a directional on the joy pad and if you react in time the characters will pull off some cool choreography. Quite a lot of items are earned in this event as well.


This game is taken from Hogball. For this you need a trained Chocobo and a bought jousting stick. You can also buy armour for yourself and you Chocobo, because if your Chocobo gets injured then you’re mashed. The aim of this is to get the other rider of his Chocobo before you.