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There are 7 main characters in Final Fantasy Revelations. These characters are the ones who you work through with in the game to the end. There also other playable characters which do not affect the storyline but can be used and collected and then stored on your ship to fight when you want.



Age: 19

Birthplace: Spingo

Weapon: Hammer

Personality: A young, usually good spirited boy who seeks to find the truth about the past that he has lost. With a phobia of guns he abides in his hammer to guide the way for his journey. With Sylvester (his best friend) beside him he can do great things. But as the story progresses he will find out great things.

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Age: 19

Birthplace: Plasok

Weapon: Twin Pistols

Personality: Like Sabat, Sylvester is still questioning his past something, which sometimes affects his work. Working along side Sabat, Sylvester feels like the world is his oyster and pretty soon he find out it actually is.

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Age: 16

Birthplace: Catra

Weapon: Lighter and boomerang

Personality: A small friendly little girl who shouldn’t be taken lightly. Chi-Chi’s magic far surpasses anyone else’s as she can wield all the 6 magic types and sometimes questions the fact that why she is the only magic wielder alive.

For more details about Chi-Chi's background and battle techniques click here ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Age: 19

Birthplace: Kilca

Weapon: Mini-knives

Personality: A clever, knife trickery girl who has a lot of knowledge of different combats. Although easily frightened, Thelma tries her best to act cool on every occasion, especially when talking to Sabat.

For more details about Thelma's background and battle techniques click here ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Plasok

Weapon: Pole/Spear

Personality: A man consistent in training who doesn’t always use his head. Although not knowing why he is still on earth he takes a great shine to Sylvester and sees him as an heir. But to what?

For more details about Gangu's background and battle techniques click here ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Pantho

Weapon: Large Blade/walking Stick

Personality: A wise man that knows many answers but who also has many questions. Although being shady and mysterious, Telaq can be very friendly and useful.

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