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Sabat was born in a little village called Spingo. As he grew up he became interested in fighting with his friend Sylvester but their Mothers wouldn’t allow it, as they were scared they would leave them. One day when Sylvester and Sabat were training in the woods they saw a blast come from the village. They ran back to the village to find it scorched and Plasok soldiers running around. They ran back to their homes. Sylvester grabbed his mother and ran out of the house leaving her with minor burns, but for Sabat there was nothing to grab as his mum had been killed in the fire. Sabat became enraged, more enraged than ever before. He ran after a Plasok soldier, picking up a hammer on the floor and threw it at him. It hit the Plasok right on the head and killed him. Sabat picked it up again and killed at least 14 soldiers until one of them stabbed him in the head. Lying on the ground, thought to be dead, all Sylvester and his mum could do was watch as their good friend lay stricken on the floor. Amazingly, Sabat survived but had lost his memory. But in a strange way. He had lost memory of certain things but others we’re still there. He knew who he was and had all his training was fine but he can’t remember his parents. From then on Sabat had changed, he picked up his hammer, which he would never leave and ran without stop to Burglash to be a soldier and protect other citizens from pain.

In battle

Attack - Sabat launches in with a hammer attack

Specials - Hop, Skip, Smack! – Sabat cart wheels, then forward flips and hits the enemy full on with his hammer Lighting throw – Sabat throw his hammer at the enemy and if judged correctly you can control the lightning to strike the hammer causing more damage.

Magic – Sabat can only learn Lightning But all other elemental types are learned when Chi-Chi joins the party

Gaining Impulse – Sabat’s ways to gain Impulses is by gathering pieces of evidence revealing who his mother and father are. If all pieces are collected you finally find out who his mother is (the father is learned automatically)


Impulse – Sabat jams an explosive onto his leg and it blows up firing him at one of the enemies hitting them smack in the face with his hammer

Max Impulse – A seesaw appears on screen, Sabat on one side, the hammer on the other. He jumps and the hammer flies off. He then back-flips and in slow motion catches the hammer just before it hits the enemy and whacks it harder in the air. (If right button sequence is not pressed, Sabat falls and hammer it not as effective)

Ultra Impulse – Sabat lifts up his hammer and is struck by lightning. He now moves his hammer and a wave of lightning strikes the near enemies

MASTER Impulse – Sabat gains power to his hammer and runs in doing a big number of hits to the enemy. Then running back he did what he first did throws it right in the enemies face. (The last hit always does 9999 damage)

Summon Monster – Tigeria Sabat’s summon monster is the lightning Tiger of which he was fixed with. Attack – lightning wave Special – Gathers all the lightning from the clouds and unleashes it Impulse – Punches the enemy then unleashes a lightning-ball on them. Then blasts through the middle with his teeth and then fires lightning at the ground making it break apart and the enemy fall to hell. Sabat can also gain Tigeria inside of him causing him to rip his clothes and turn white and Black. In this mode Sabat uses all his usual moves except with claws instead of a hammer. _____________________________________________________________________________________________



Sylvester was actually born in Plasok. After giving birth to him his mother was arrested and supposedly killed. Some folk who were escaping Plasok and going to Pantho found him crying and took him with them. He lived with them in Spingo, becoming friends with Spingo. After the great fire when Sabat’s mum was killed Sylvester followed Sabat to Burglash to defend people with his best friend. Although he knew they weren’t his parents he still doesn’t know that he has Plasok blood.

In battle

Attack – Sylvester’s guns spin and shoot

Special – He puts one gun in front of the other and blasts a grenade at all enemies

Magic - Sylvester has only learned Fire But all other elemental types are learned when Chi-Chi joins the party


Impulse –

Max Impulse – Sylvester runs around the enemy at a very fast speed making it look like there is many of him. He stops and the enemy is confused. You can now pick which Sylvester is the real one. The place you choose will affect the amount of damage.

Ultra Impulse – A fire spell it put on Sylvester’s guns. He flies in the air and shoots from them making fire rockets come out.

MASTER Impulse –

Summon monster – Ifrit

Sylvester’s monster is Ifrit- Fire, which he was fixed with

Attack – Fireball

Special – Blasts a fireball into his mouth and burps it out with gunge causing poison

Impulse – Ifrit makes a fireball on his finger and then blasts it at the enemy causing a trail of fire in front of them. He then grabs a tear from his eye and drops it on the trail. The trail flies into the air creating a Volcano. Lava flows from the top onto the enemy and loads of tiny Ifrit’s pop out and start munching on the enemy. While this is happening Ifrit has created a fireball as big as the stage, which he blasts at the enemy destroying the volcano and mini Ifrit’s and burning the enemy to a crisp.

Sylvester can also gain Ifrit inside of him causing him to grow his horns and burn his clothes. He moves are all the same but he fires fireballs from his guns instead of bullets