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Battle System

The battle system is similar to the Grandia series. Being able to move around in battle but still having to wait for your atk gauge to fill. The camera is in the distance to the player can see all the enemies and all teammates fighting.

But instead of having the little time gauge in the bottom right corner (like Grandia) FFR uses the old fashioned Final Fantasy gauge with everyone’s gauge filling at different times.

There are two gauges in characters information: An attack gauge And an Impulse gauge

The attack gauge fills up reasonably fast and the impulse gauge fills up every time damage occurs. When impulse gauge is reached, the player can decide to play as there summon beasts or use their own Impulse technique.

As in similar Final Fantasies when a Limit Break or Overdrive was acheived the player would click left to access the limit Break menu and thats also available in FFR. In FFR Limit Breaks are called Impulses. To learn more about Impulses click here . There is a Main group, Impulse group and a Sub group in the command bar.

To learn more about the ACTIVE TIME BATTLES click.