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Active Time Battles

The ATB battle System in Final Fantasy Revelations brings a new type of role playing battle to Final Fantasy. This System allows more fluent gameplay rather than -Hit the enemy, then they hit you- It puts a more tactic way of playing. For example: You can see an enemy is heading towards a character going to attack them so move that character to another place at the last minute and the enemy will not react in time to run after them. But the enemy can also use this feature. When a characters ATB guage has filled time stops and the player can have time to decide what to o with the character.

The controls for inside and outside battle are very different though. Unlike other FFs (except FFX-2) characters now have the ability to jump inside and outside battle (sometimes to reach high items). Also the world famous (and agonising) random battles make a return to the world map but not inside the cities.

Lastly here are the controls for the controller:(NOTE:Controls only for PS2)