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fantasy rebron


•Cure: Level 1 spell which heals light wounds.
•Cura: Level 2 spell which heals moderate wounds.
•Curaga: Level 3 spell which hels heavy wounds.
•Full Cure: Level 4 which heals all wounds.
•Regen: Wounds are slowly healed.
•Regena: Wounds are healed on a faster pace than Regen.
•Protect: Lessens amount of physical damage taken.
•Shell: Lessens amount of magical damage taken.
•Shield: Cuts magic damage by 50%.
•Reflect: Sets up a reflect barrier which will reflect back magic attacks.
•Wall: Casts both Shell and Protect
•Big Guard: Also known as Mighty Guard, castsprotect, shell, and haste.
•Scan: Scans enemy, telling health, magic, and weaknesses.
•Haste: Increases speed.
•Hasga: Level 2 haste spell which increases your speed 2x that of haste.
•Slow: Decreases target speed.
•Stop: Stops target completely.
•Sleep: Puts target to sleep.
•Silence: Makes target unable to use magic.
•Confuse: Confuses the target, so that they may attack their allies instead of enemies.
•Berserk: Causes the target to lose control of themself, blindly attacking whoever is nearest, ally or foe.
•Mini: Shrinks the target to a tiny state, where their attack power is dramatically reduced, so that each hit hardly does any damage at all. (Strength at 1)

•Toad: Transforms enemy into a toad. In froggy state, their strength is 1 and they cannot use magic.
•Float: Causes target to levitate above ground.
•Blink: Causes target to blur, increasing evasion.
•Blind: Causes target to become blinded, in which case accuracy is dramatically reduced.
•Escape: Removes allies and caster from fight.
•Remove: Removes enemies from fight.
•Exit: Removes allies and caster from a dungeon/building.
•Panacea: Cures target of poison.
•Stona: Cures target of petrifcation.
•Esuna: Removes any negative status effects from target.
•Resist: Adds a great deal of resistance to target, making it nearly impossible to be afflicted by negative status effects. When one is afflicted, the damage (for status like poison) is greatly reduced.
•DeBarrier: Removes any barriers the target has up.
•DeSpell (Dispel): Removes any spells the target has on themselves.
•Life: Restores fallen target to life, with low health.
•Lifa: Restores fallen target to life and fully heals them.
•ReRaise: Cast on a living target, it allows them to automatically have Life cast on them when they next die.
•Holy: Level 4 holy spell causes very heavy holy damage to all enemies.