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fantasy rebron


cannot pick items with a * for starting items when you first join


Brotherhood-This sword was Tidus's sword on FFX it was given to him by Wakka,this sword grows stronger by friendship-Not for sale Save the Queen-A sword only strong characters can wield this sword is very effective and can take away half of the opponets life if used right. $5,000

GunBlade-A sword with a gun attatched to it so you can shoot and slash at the same time without switching your weapon.$9,000

Light Blade-A light blade that doesn't weight to much and it doesn't do much damage.$2,000

Keyblade-This blade is a blade that looks like a key but has special powers to unlock keyholes to prevent evil there are alot of keyblades around the world and it would take years to find them all.Priceless it must choose it's master.

Dragon Sword-A sword forged with the power to summon a great dragon called Enron it takes almost all your energy and you WILL pass out after you first use it because it's power is to destructive.Must find it on a quest.

Heavy Sword-This sword is like the light sword but is heavier and your opponet takes more damage from this than the light sword.$7,000

Dark Sword-This sword is forged with dark powers that can overwhelm your soul and cast you into everlasting darkness while your body is being possessed by demons.Priceless

Angelic Sword-The angelic sword has powers of heaven and can bring a person back from being possessed by demons from being to into the dark sword and it has powers to bring people back from the dead but not the host who is controling the sword.Priceless

Keyblade-This looks like a key but it's really a sword,this is Sora's signature sword which he got from the beginning of Kingdom Hearts you can also get upgrades on it by going on quests.$75,000

Dark Keyblade-This keyblade was made by Ansem when he he possessed Riku,this looks completely diffrent from the original keyblade because it looks like a normal sword but it really isn't,you can also get upgrades on this if you go on quests.$100,000


Woooden Spear-This spear can mostly go through anything but can be broken easyly by a few bashes on the head.$5,000

Metal Spear-This is one of the best regular spears and it can't be broken into pieces only if it's melted in some kind of way and it weighs alot if your power is low.$9,000


9mm Pistol-Is a regular gun that can cause alot of damage to your opponet if aimed at the correct spot.$5,000

Shotgun-This gun shoots the opponet 3 times if hit because of it's holes in the front of the gun and can send your opponet flying across a field.$8,000

Magnum-A gun that can shoot right through anything or anyone and this can be used to get out of tight situations like if there are 4 guys in a row and they are all behind eachother you can shoot one guy in the head and the bullet will go through him and into the other 3 guys.$20,000

Rocket Launcher-This shoots rockets and you HAVE to use a scope to aim correctly at your destination and this gun is good for blowing up things.$25,000

Grenade Launcher-This gun is like the rocket launcher but only that it shoots grenades a short distance and you don't have to use a scope to aim correctly at your destination.$19,000

Machine Gun-This gun shoots rapidly at a opponet and can kill anything quickly with a few shots to the body.$27,000

Sniper Rifle-This is one of the best guns because you CAN shoot from a long distance like ontop of a building but you NEED a SCOPE to aim correctly at your target.


Angel Boots-They aren't that special it's only that they make you run so fast that it looks like your floating,they also increase your training.$2,000

Gravity Trainer-This increases your training by x5.$10,000

Gravity TrainerX10-This increases your training by x10.$30,000*

Weighted Boots-These boots have sand at the bottom making them harder for you to walk in,just like the clothes but the training clothes are better.Best to combine them.$4,000

Healing Chamber-This heals you completely and you can use it all you want but it takes a day to heal you if your hurt badly.$50,000*

Healing Kit-This has various of healing stuff in here including 30 senzu beans,you can use this kit to regenerate limbs or heal yourself.Free to people who don't have regeneration but it's $70,000 to people who do have it*

Healing Spray-You can spray this on you can you can recover faster from any attacks your opponet puts on you,can only work for 4 turns.$10,000 per spray bought.