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fantasy rebron


abilities that have a * next to them you can't get as a starting abilty

Fly- you canfloat in the air as long as you want

*Haste-You are faster then a normal human and it only takes you a seconds to get to your desrinarion.

Dark Attack-Your attack is 2x stronger then what you normaly do and the dark attack lases for 30 minutes.

heal-You have the ability to heal other peoples wound and yours.

Demon From-You must have died 3 times doing something evil in order to get this ability this automaticly give you haste if you don't have it and your power increases x2 and you look like a demon from.This from only lasts for 50 minutes

*Angel from-You have to died 3 time risking your life for someone elses or doing something god like saving the world by risking your life for it or risking your life for somethinggood like saving the world by risking your life for it or risking your life for someone elses.Your power dosen't increase but your speed increaes x4 and you get fly since you have wings and this can only last for an hour

Burning Sword-This makes your sword inflame in a fire and if you hit your opponet they will catch on fire and your sword moves more swftly when you activate this

Teleport-You disapear and reapprae to places in a second

Telekenedis-You have the power to move things with your mind and control other people also(you cant kill them)

Mind Reading-You have the power to read other peoples minds to see what thier thinking