The Lady Khatarina D'Ceandre

Sometimes bitchy, sometimes sweet, the Lady is a study in contradictions. She's a loner and introvert by habit, but an extrovert by nature. She likes to pass herself off as an innocent, and usually succeeds, until you get her mad and the innocent facade disappears. She knows a lot more about those around her then she lets on, but once she had discovered a secret, it's usually dismissed as unimportant and quickly forgotten. She has a uncontrollable love of anything romantic, but likes a little shadow as well from time to time.
She's not completely in the real world, Maybe that's why she can see her three muses so easily. Invisible to everyone else, Demi, Trouble, and Hime appear as cats to the Lady. They are always ready to help out. Unfortunately, their differing views often cause more trouble then help.

Trouble's a calico persian half-breed whose name suits her well. She prefers dark, moody art. Her specialty is poetry, though she's willing to do stories, and occasionally drawing as well. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a very long attention span. But she's the oldest one, so her lapses are forgiven, usually since she'll beat up anyone who mentions them. (So it's not the best picture. Anyone wants to try and draw her long-haired, go ahead.)

Albino short-haired Hime tends toward longer tales. She fancies herself to be nearly perfect, and has the charm to convince others as well. Unfortunately, she has a habit of passing on this invulnerability onto her characters, usually while lacking the charm. She has an annoying habit of baiting Trouble, and the older cat usually retaliates by messing up her 'perfect' characters. She's also quite fond of Demi.

A black and white shorthair, Demi is the only male. He's a jack of all trades, master of none. But his cheery nature and slight lack of intellegence balance out Trouble and Hime to a certain extent. He's usually the force behind the humour pieces. He gets along with almost everyone, and idolizes Trouble, fool that he is. She wants nothing to do with him.