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Armor Capabilities: Hell hound G-02 SL Armor.

Brief Manufaction introduction: " The intention of making the hell hound combat
armor, is to assault the enemy with the same consistant force. As well as weaken
their return fire amongst our brave soldiers. By crossing new body armor, with
cybernetics interfaces...we've nearly turned a living being into a war machine.


Kindred System: This alerts the Sensory
interface,to the involuntary changes in the
users vitals as well as respond to the voice

Sensory Interface: Visor, equiped with thermal,
night, and Energy signature Vision.
Mini second screen zoom, of currently viewed location.-

Sound pick up, with automatic distance report.
Only reaches 15yards beyond the hearing capability
of the user.(adjustible feed)

Body comforting system, making the very suit yield to
a temperature that would not disturb the focus of the
user. Putting up a large advantage to those intense
temperature differences on a battlefield.

Camoflauge: The suit isn't fully capable of stealth,
but like a chameleon, it can graft the color of the
terrain upon the different stylings, that
would make the user that much harder to spot
out in the environment.(By users command)

Physical augments: Obiviously a plus to all
physical attributes, but strength,force,and
reflex..can be pushed to abnormalities.(Those
proven to handle such an upgrade are only
given it. ) Part of this augmentation, is that the suit takes
on the weight of objects, up to a ton and half.
The requirement for such a feat, is that the user
Must at least be able to max out on, three hundred
pounds alone. And the suit's system with take half
that weight, if it isn't close to their max...
and 75% of it if it nears their max. And well if,
it is beyond the user's max by far, it will take the largest sum vs. it's max capacity.

The force change, is merely the impact or power
applied to physical actions.(mainly prior to brawling
combat and melee weapons used in combat.)

Armor: One grade beneath hybrid Adamantine

Layer depth of armor: 2inches thick

Joint protection: The black between
the armor isn't merely rubber, but a
substance a few grades lower than the armor
itself. Strong as kevlar, yet flexible as
soft leather.

The armor isn't weighed down, for the cybernetic
interface itself carries its own weight. And on
the plus side, the armor's weight is far lighter
than it looks. The user could wear it at full
weight, but the designers chose it best to cater
to combat preformance best as possible.