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Eshu embody the spirit of adventure. Originally descended from the dreams of the ancient peoples in Africa, India, and their homeland in Chaldea, the Eshu are now found in every part of the world. Indeed, anyone would be hard pressed to keep an Eshu in one place for long, for the road calls to them as it does few other Kithain. Living on the road, they have learned to prize those traits that keep a traveler alive, namely wits, courage, charm, and ingenuity. Eshu are consumate performers, and are not above the use of less than reputable skills to keep themselves alive. Eshu are easy to talk to, but perhaps slow to give their complete trust. The road can be a treacherous place, and only a fool simply takes things at face value. This is not to say that Eshu are needlessly wary; in fact, many of them are quite reckless in the challenges they take up, and are willing to try anything once. Still, it is wise to keep one's purse close, one's eyes open, and one's face inscrutable.

Eshu find themselves unable to keep doing things which are dull and routine, as new adventures call out to them. Many of them move with the confidence of one who knows he will triumph in the end, despite all odds, making them a bit heedless of the warnings others issue. Still, for the Eshu, a life of mediocrity is worse than death. Give them an open sky for their roof, and a road to walk, and you'll find no happier Fae.

Master storytellers, dancers, singers, and musicians, many Eshu live as wandering performers, earning their keep from the stories they tell and the songs they sing. Eshu passionately collect tales, riddles, parables, and curiosities, and most of them are a wealth of information from the lands they have visited in the past. Others are unafraid of using their skills for slightly more dubious purposes, and Unseelie Eshu occasionally provide street theather only for their compatriots to make off with the wallets and purses of onlookers. An Eshu usually holds anyone who can swindle them, in turn, in high regard. After all, anyone tricky enough to pull the wool over a well-traveled Eshu's eyes has some tricks he can teach the Kith.

In many ways, the Eshu have come to embody dreams of the exotic. Most are tall and willowy, and their faces are beguiling, their wise eyes almost hypnotic to watch. Eshu are found in all parts of the world, wandering where even the Kithain fear to tread on occasion. Eshu have become quite common in Africa and Australia, and some travel Europe among the Romany. Still others live as modern vagabonds, setting out to see the sights of their world, and to live the spirit of travel.

Despite the fact that others, especially mortals, sometimes see the Eshu as vagabonds and drifters, they hold themselves as a sort of "nobility of the road." Dignity is everything to an Eshu; despite their occasional tricks and swindles, few Eshu would lie on a matter of honor. Mere survival is not enough for an Eshu, and most would go without food or water if it meant giving up her pride. Eshu are the best companions of travelers. Their quick wits and uncanny ability to arrive in the right place at the right time makes them exceptional guides. Many Eshu will journey into the Dreaming at one point or another in their lives, walking the Trods, the silver pathways that lead through the realms of Dream. Eshu often welcome company on such journies. Aftrer all, any Eshu is eager to learn from another, and an experience shared is one made that much richer.

Eshu delight in the commrades they meet on the road, even in situations where they do not fully trust them. Their travels take them far and wide, and give them unique insight into the strange Gallain, the fae of other lands. Eshu wisdom is highly prized, as it often represents a sound opinion, based on personal experience. Eshu have a love of story-telling, as well, which means that information passes among the Kith freely and quickly.

Eshu of all racial stock exist, but most tend to have a dark or swarthy complexion, black hair, and deep eyes. Eshu tend to be tall and muscular, with long limbs and narrow features. Whatever fashion they follow, Eshu are always charming, though they favor silks and scarves. Splendid garb and jewelry are the common dress of an Eshu, appearing surprisingly exotic or flashy at times, even to other Kithain.



Eshu hold the power of stories in high regard. Eshu characters gain an extra point of experience during any session in which they learn a fantastic new story (or song, or what have you), or perform an incredible feat as a result of their quick wits (such as tricking a dragon out of his treasure, or outwiting a noble).

Spirit Pathways

Eshu have an amazing sense of direction and exquisite timing. They always seem to arrive just in time, though the path they follow may be fraught with danger and challenge. Seelie Eshu triumph over adversity, while Unseelie Eshu leave chaos and misfortune in their wake. Either way, the stories are worth the trouble! No matter what she encounters along the way, an Eshu will always find her way to her destination... eventually.


Song of the Road

The road calls out to the Eshu, and they find themselves unable to stay in places that have lost their sense of adventure or excitement to them. Most Eshu know when it's time to hit the road, before the cold death of Banality sets in. For those who enjoy the city they live in too much, the answer comes in changing locales; perhaps the Eshu will change jobs, or move across town to a new place. Whatever the case, when Eshu continue to work at occupations, fulfill responsibilities, or remain in places which have started to bore them, they take 1 point of temporary Banality each week.

Additionally, Eshu are confident and curious. They cannot resist a challenge, a gamble, or a quest if there's a way to come out of it alive. Eshu aren't stupid; they won't take on suicide missions, but they do believe their luck can carry them through any hardship.

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