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website news: RPG X

Hey guys rpg x is back and just at the right time... now u can go play in a real rpg. This site is much better than enemy turf ever was. So join up, Im not sure if enemy turf will be moving on, im pretty sure that u all don't want to play anymore. I won't be in rpg x cause trunks was taken by pd lol. I will probably just be working on a new site now, Reality God that I had planned on running side by side with enemy turf. It isn't an rpg though so it wouldn't hold ur attention. Who knows maybe enemy turf will be back one day.
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/17/02

website news: Enemy Turf no more

Well guys that was it Enemy Turf 5. No im just kidding that wasn't it but u all have to agree that this was going down hill. So many unactive characters and to many battles. It is a lucky thing the Brolli and I had decided to do that trial run becuase u ppl did things we hadn't thought of. Now when we come back which should be real soon we are going to have to have like 35 characters. Im not joking, no reservations... the first to get the join in gets the character. I will tell you guys when to send in the new join forms if u still even want to play... im realy sry bout this but I mean what were we supposed to do (sigh).
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/15/02

website news: Forms

Hey blackblade again I redid the items page last night so it should be normal now. Also till we delete them no one can attack the inactive ppl. Just cause this is getting really cheap. So no MORE free shit ppl. well...

Blackblade : 07/15/02

website news: Forms

OK I am just letting everyone know from now on I am updating at a SET TIME. From now on I will updating at Midnight (central time). This is just an attempt to make things less complicated. But Anyways thats it.

Blackblade : 07/14/02

website news: Early Update

I thought I might make up for the late update yesterday and give u an early one, lol it is 6 in the morning. Anyway I have organized the information on MY updatees Android 16, Bardock, Nail, and Vegeta. I am also thinking of putting it all in alphabetical order, but newayz. Sinse it seems I have a lot more free time compared to enemy turf 2 I am going to make MY updatees some real nice pictures! I know it may be a little unfair to you other guys but I am getting bored lol.
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/14/02

website news: Regular Update

OMG things are weird. I knew that u guys would be changing around who was updatin who but i believe I only have 4 updatees right now, for which i just updated so, Android 16, Bardock, Nail, and Vegeta have all been updated by me. I am going to make those ppls character pages more organized like I believe Black Blade has but I cannot force anybody else to do that. Anyway seeing as Piccolo is out for the weekend I am not sure as to whether he updated or not. That also means we are down a BBO, so do not get on killa's back for late posts. It isn't his fault u guys are letting out all the pent up aggression on old foes. God damn though I think there are bout 6 ppl in the rpg not in a fight. Well if u did not get updated today e-mail ME and tell me so and I will pick up all the characters that anybody has not been able to do!
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/13/02

website news: Forms

Well guys this is Blackblade again. I fixed the emails at the bottom of the page on the people I update. I would have done the other too but I didnt know where they other updaters wanted the mails to go. Welll guess thats it.

Blackblade : 07/11/02

website news: Here it is!

O shit the first day!!! Ok whoo finally a month after the fusion we have begun, welcome to enemy turf 5. Ok I put down the names of who will be updating you at the bottom of the page, where it usually says oxide 187 last updated: 7/11/02 it now says another updaters name or if u were lucky enough it still says oxide 187 lol. Ok I am going to go through one more time and check everybodies hours. By the time u have all waken up I will be done. Ok now, bout the webmaster that is updating u. You send all your status and buys and everything to them not I know that right now if u try to e-mail from the bottom of the page my e-mail comes up... they have to change that lol. BUT if u are e-mailing me I always want ur character name as the title. for example if ur Krillin and u want to e-mail me, your subject is always going to be Krillin. It really helps cause I know which e-mails to open when I am updating each character.
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/11/02

website news: Characters

Ok guys I have been working pretty hard and messing with the characters page only to realize this. We need to have another webmasters chat. Ur concept on the dragonballs is weird... for some reason reduced from 20 hrs to 1. That is scaring me lol and 2nd are concepts on status are different, we need to talk bout how to properly write it up.
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/09/02

website news: John the Super Genius Killa

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! John, an old fried, is a new BBO.. this dude has a buncha experience in the field and he's a mack.. Show him the same respect you show us.. he's a good guy.. We will also have the site up and running by later on today.. all staff just needs to talk shit over and make definate decissions.. this is your last chance to get ur join form in.. send them to ... thats all the news for today

Piccolo The Great : 07/09/02

website news: Enemy Turf 5

Hey Everyone! I just made a new layout for enemy turf 5. Don't worry though lol, it is only a new layout. We ended up with 15 join forms sigh... Just a few more and we will begin. After I am finished converting all the new pages I will get to putting up the characters. Anyway with this new layout comes a few well illegal things lol... the programs at the top right are at the least $150 at best buy. lol but right here they are free, they may take a while to download though lol. Well I got work to do so
That is All...

Oxide 187 : 07/07/02

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