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The story of Enadora

In the time of creation, when the Goddess first set the wheel of fate in motion, a threat was perceived. The Dark God hated the joy and the peace, and was jealous of the Goddess' prowess with life. However, he saw that these creatures could make useful playthings and sought to make them his own. He fought the Goddess and from this came the breaking of the world. In the end, after an arduous battle, she defeated him but she did not destroy him. She was wiser than that.
The Goddess knew that if she killed him then there would be no balance. For what was good without evil? What was light without dark? Instead she imprisoned his power and body and scattered his soul west of the Waste. His hordes were destroyed and the world was rebuilt, falling into a period of peace. One, however, escaped the Goddess' wise eye. Most loyal of the Dark God's subordinates and most powerful of his sorcerors, he disappeared into the mists of time. Now, the grand battles have been reduced to mere legend, even to the elves. But peace did not reign forever. Fearful whispers rip across the world of Enadora and rumors that the sorceror walks again have begun to sprout. It appears that the stories of the first breaking of the world were more than stories. But the times are troubled. The people do not believe and the Goddess is nowhere to be found. The lesser gods have taken root but seldom answer their followers fervent prayers. Faith is broken and yet there is hope in another legend...