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The Rules of the Game

1. Absolutely no god-modding, or however you spell it. You cannot take control of another person's character without their permission. You are not allowed to kill other players without their player's permission. And there will be no all-powerful-look-I-solved-the-problem-in-one-post characters.

2. No overly foul language. A damn or two is permissable and oaths are fine but overall I want the gameplay to be as clean as possible.

3. Keep posts in the third person and be specific about who you are talking to. It helps dispel confusion.

4. Any disputes will be kept out of gameplay and settled privately. Game complaints can be sent privately to me, the owner.

5. My word is law. If I say no don't try to plough on ahead and do it and don't try to find some loophole. If you don't like my answer well try again, but do not ignore my authority. This can get you kicked out of the game. Very little can do that but this is one thing that can. I will reconsider a decision if asked. All you have to do is try. Suggestions can be emailed to me privately and discussed and *possibly* approved. I will ask the opinions of the members as well on some points. It is, after all, a game for everyone.

6. No sex scenes. Just fade to black and continue afterwards. I don't mind homosexual relationships but I do want a PG-13 game, maybe a very clean R if it's a good day. lol.

7. I'd appreciate if any absences longer than two days have some sort of previous warning. In other words, inform me privately or in a group post how long and who you will allow to move your characters. If you were unaware that this absence would be happening then explain afterwards. I'll understand.

8. Never jump right back into gameplay after an absence. Always read what was posted while you were gone or ask for a summary. This way no one is left lost or confused. I want everyone to have fun and be able to experiment. That can't be done if you're struggling to catch up and don't understand. Believe me I've been there.

9. No spamming. If you feel there is something the group absolutely must know then contact me or one of the mods beforehand to get permission.

10. Keep posts at least three lines long. No shorter.

11. Members must post at least once a week.

12. Lurkers are allowed but you must contact me if this is your intention.

13. It is recommended that new members read all posts and watch the action for at least a week to get a feel for the game before starting. If you need help getting started, contact me.

14. Have fun! I mean it. Have fun or I'll beat you with the my!