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Religion in Enadora has seen many changes since the creation of the world. Once, only the Goddess held reign but since she has slipped into obscurity...other, lesser gods have come to the fore. The centuries have seen a rise in their popularity and fame, all but destroying what little memories remain of the gods of Destruction and Creation.

The Gods
  • Crescent-Although lost in legend and time, she is the goddess who creates. Her power is life giving and the making of things where once there was nothing. Also known as the Mother, the Creator, the Moon's Matron.
  • Iber-Little is known about him other than the fact that he has been a thorn in Cresent's side since time began. He is also known as the Destroyer, the Dark God, Chaos
  • Saubaeh- The gray walker himself...Saubaeh's realm is that of death.
  • Belimir-Another young god, he rules over earth and vegetation. Despite his youth, he is steadfast and loyal to his friends and cautious in newendeavors. Of the lesser gods, he is perhaps the least fickle.
  • Cidith-Carefree and sly, she is the trickster goddess of fire. She lives to get the better of of mortals and gods alike.
  • Gaewiel-Sister to Crescent and once lover to Iber, she is the goddess of water and is every bit as rash and unpredictable as her element.