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Humans: Perhaps the most numerous of the races, these are your ordinary run of the mill humans. Maybe not so run of the mill...Many have the capacity to wield great powers but it is few who have the patience and ability.

Elves: There are actually two types of elves in Enadora, the High and the Drow. High elves lived east of the Waste in the Sulein Forest with Loenthal as their capitol. They have a deep love and respect for nature, reveling in the way of the Goddess. Their dark counterparts live west of the Waste in Lenidov. Both types are extremely graceful and beautiful, standing from 5 and a half to 6 and a half feet tall, and live about 300 years. They live in forests so seeped with magic others dare not enter and guard their magical lore as the Dwarves guard their mountains.

Dwarves: The Dwarves are miners and typically dwell in tunnels underneath the Svelpepr Mountains. Most are short and rather husky, between 4 and 5 feet. They are excellent smiths, reputedly the best in Enadora, and guard their stores of raw metals and jewels jealously. They have established trade with other races for needed items but will NEVER share the secret of their skills.

Vampyre: Creatures of the night, no one knows how exactly they were created. The usual rules apply. They drink blood, can be killed by stake or sunlight, and cannot enter a home without being invited. There aren't too many Vampyres, with numbers are still in the tens, for the mixing of the blood is difficult and most would not share their immortality with anyone.

Orcs: Orcs are small twisted creatures that have animalistic tendancies and live in the west. They often travel and attack in packs like wolves. Orcs have been known to occassionaly venture into the East, braving the killing heat of the Waste, in desperate times. They seem to worship the Dark God, having been created from his own black thoughts, and follow the sorceror as loyal minions.

Killshades: Creatures that inhabit lonely stretches of land. They are not truly flesh and blood beings but ghosts reawakened through magical means. Often unintentionally raised, they prowl for any victim they can, seeking only to cause disorder and pain. Most present themselves as beautiful men or women, human or elven, so as to lure pery to them. Beware anyone who's eyes have no glitter and will not let you touch them for any reason. Any half-decent mage can banish an average Killshade with the proper spell.

Shifters: These are the oddlings of Enadora. They are beings, no matter what race, that have somehow bonded spirit to an animal. They become one, usually through a catastrophic event or deep love. When they merge the being absorbs the animal and thus has the ability to "shift" between the animal and human forms. Shifters are really quite rare.