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Game News!

This is a page specifically for news about the goings on in the game. Members are encouraged to send me rumour and news that they would like spread through Enadora. If, for example, you were looking for a pal to journey with it would be convenient to have it posted here so other members can get in contact with you. Or, if you've heard of msyterious happenings in the waste that you think ought to be common me and we'll see about posting it here!

The game is just getting underway so there are plenty of opportunities to join and get really involved!

We have lots of power positions available so feel free to send a profile in! In fact, we need players for absolutely everything! We need a ruler for Virnok, mayors for Meadowfall and Windhollow, and even powerful merchants. It is also possible to add yourself to Royal Families( such as sibling, neice, nephew, uncle) in case something "happens" to the current rulers. Just a note though, I will expect the applications for a power position to be excellent! Contact me if you need any information.

After a long quiet spell I have began to muse on whether I ought to restart the game. School and work take up much of my time but I still love a good story. If it is restarted it will be on an MSN group as I think it would be easier to manage.