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Isn't the map pretty? Don't worry a much prettier and more detailed on is in the works. Thanks to Mira my pathetic attempt at the first map was fixed but I'll do better with the nect one! Thanks for the help, Mira.

A-Vara, capital of Calmyn
B-Sakhan, unoffical capital of Lenidov
C-Barak, major trade city of Virnok
D-Loenthal, capital of Farnei
E-Ilya, capital of Alnyn
F-Synergy Academy
G-Windhollow, a major town of Alnyn
H-Bonded Fortress
I-Meadowfall, a major town of Alnyn
J-Nariv, major town of Farnei
K-Corianoran, major town in Farnei; deals more commonly with humans.
L-Noinden, a major town of Calmyn
M-Taranos, second largest city in Lenidov