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Lands and Cities

Virnok: The northernmost and coldest country. Composed mainly of the Svelpepr Mountains it belongs to the dwarves. Kaival is its capital, where the populace is thickest and their ruler governs. Barak is their largest trade city, situated by the Diamante Cascade where raw metals, jewels, and in some cases weapons (these being their main exports) can be bought.

Calmyn: This southern country is actually an island, where the people are carefree and generous matching the mild climate perfectly. Their capitol is Vara, a major port city on it's northern shore. Ruled by beautiful Arrieta and jovial Stalsen, it is inhabited mainly by humans though others have strayed there. They export mainly exotic fruits and animals, as well as pearls and other sorts of marine delicacies.

Alnyn: Lying between Virnok and Calmyn this country is almost entirely human and is ruled by. Illya, its capital is a major port and trade city as Vara is; though of different merchandise. Alnyns specialize in manufactured goods such as books and textiles.

Farnei: The High Elven country to the east. Nearly all the land is covered by the Sulein Forest, a deep wood of magic and mystery. Ever secretive and haughty, they keep to themselves under the govern of High Queen . Their capital is Loenthal, a beautiful city of colored glass, white walls and golden spires. The elves export fine jewelery, medicine, and silks in exchange for needed materials.

Lenidov: An eyesore in the west, Lenidov has no official ruler or predominant race. All people have simply struck a claim. The Drow in the forests; the humans on the coast and the in the mountains; the rogues where they can. The Waste seperates it from the rest of the world but that hasn't stopped them from establishing what little trade they can. It is in this country that the Dark God was imprisoned and where the sorceror is said to stir.

Synergy Academy: Located on an island between Alnyn and Calmyn it is sometimes called the navel of the world. The academy trains mages and and generally anyone with the gift of magic. It also houses some of the most important and most ancient documents in the land.

Bonded Fortress: In the far east, the Fortress stands tall and strong within a long dead volcano. It houses potential candidates and accomplished riders, scrupulously choosing those worthy enough to bond to creatures of myth and magic.

Stone Strength Fort: Home to the paladin, this fort is located near the palace in Illya.