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You can be virtually anything you want in Enadora! But...these are a few suggestions that might help you decide. They aren't everything but they are a few things I thought of and remember that they aren't concrete either. Characters and lands are constantly growing and changing and that's where the fun lies.

Mage: Men or women who have trained for long and rigorous years to reach some measure of control over either inborn or given magic. They study hard at Synergy Academy from seven years of age and up. They are also given a code to follow. Never use your power for evil or selfish purposes, never harm a non-magic user simply for the sake of doing it, never flaunt powers, and always keep your heart from the path of evil. Not all mage's listen however.

Paladin: The Paladin are ordained knights of Enadora always human because the other races see little use for them. Nevertheless, they travel the land seeking adventure and righteous deeds. Their ranks follow the customary military rank of any other army. Their base is in Illya, capital city of Alnyn. Lately, they have fallen into disgrace and shame and there is talk of disbanding them and taking away the fortress.

Gypsies: Gypsies travel in groups called tribes and are led by men who have proven themselves both physically and mentally. They prize beauty and music above all else, making grand hosts and even greater friends. Each group has a Seer and every Seer an apprentice. These are men or women with the ability to "See" true natures and events, but the Sight is not flawless. It is often very draining on it's user as well, a rarity to meet a Seer past 50. To humans most gypsies are shiftless thieves but to other races they are simply attuned to nature. The Faye call them..., or Windblown. Currently there is one tribe wandering Enadora. The Winddancers, who are led by Pim'al.

Merchants: Some of the few who actually get to cross the Waste and the Dovagea Sea. They are the only one's with the permission to do so. An unspoken agreement allows them to travel freely with their workers and trade, as the Gypsies do.

Working class: Everyday working class people like barkeeps, farmers, sailors and all other type of "normal" jobs.