Ick. Final exam time! AARGH!

*wails* i can't find any Gilthanas (from Dragonlance) slash! I was browsing the web last week looking for some Gilthanas slash, possibly in a pairing with Tanis or something but I didn't find a single thing! I then looked for Gilthanas fanart and fanfiction, but to no avail. Am I the only one who thinks Gilthanas is one sexy hot pretty elf and that he deserves to be in a nice relationship with Tanis? Not that I don't like Silvara, I think she kicks ass and I am more than happy for her to get it on with our sweet little elf.

If anyone has found any pages dedicated to Gilthanas or especially if they portray him in a slash pairing then please please please email me! Fanart and fanfiction sites will do just fine.

While I'm on the subject, has anyone found Tanis/Dalamar or Dalamar/Tanis sites around? Or even a single fanfic would be nice. Again, if you have, get in touch and I will be forever grateful!

*thinks* Maybe I'll draw some pics of Gilthanas and Tanis and Dalamar and Tanis for you as a gift if you like it!


Ok, first I must apologise sincerely for my lack of updates. And I can truely say that I really...am...very...SORRY! *cries out last word as she gets flung out the window*. Whatever. Anyhoos, I have absolutely loads to put up on here, it's just a case of finding the time to do it. *sigh* bloody exams. When the last one is finally over I'll have the summer holidays to explode in and so should be able to get all my lord of the rings links I've been collecting over the past several months up! Mostly slash I'm afraid but I don't do het, it makes me sick.

And now something funny:
I was reading a haldir/legolas fanfic yesterday and the author had quoted haldir from the fotr in it. However, there was a slight typo and instead of reading 'You have entered the realm of the Lady of the Wood, you cannot go back' it read 'you have entered the Lady of the Wood, you cannot go back'. Now, whether anyone would actually want to go back from that I don't know but it had me in stiches for the remainder of the evening! Damn boys and their hormones...XD: Anyhoos. Aragorn will punish Haldir if he tried anything...


Updates: Lord of the Rings links put up and pics of my dragon and otter stuff.

Hope everyone had a great xmas and a happy new year! I went to see the Two Towers before xmas and it was FANTASTIC! Especially Legolas shield-surfing down the stairs *grins* he's cute isn't he! *Runs off in search of lotr slash and yaoi*


Updates: Friends picturs up, new random stories put up in digi humour and dl humour, ccs card and digi card pictures up.

Wheeeeeee! I'm back online and back in business! More updates to be expected next week too.

I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the second time today, whoo! Draco Malfoy is oh so kawaii and deserves some attention so I'm making a page for him to keep him happy >^_^< And as always, since I'm a fluffy yummy rabid yaoi fangirl, I have my favourite couple, Draco and Harry for me to fuss over. That means, for all you fans out there I will be drawing some pics and writing some fics for you!

Til next time!

I'm really truelly sorry to everyone who has been expecting updates on here but I had some big problems with the internet and couldn't go on it for absolutely ages. Good news tho peeps, I'll be able to get it back in about a week or so so I can carry on updating!


Updates: Digi humour, DL humour, Myself, CCS fanart.

Back to school...Damn fluff.

I now have access to a scanner again tho! And lots more fanart scanned in (as you can see I kept myself busy over the holidays!).

Oh, the reason behind the rose has got something to do with one of the CCS fanarts. See if you can find it :)



Updates: Dragonlance Humour, My fave Dragonlance quotes, Dragonlance Heroes and Villans, Dalamar, Gilthanas, Drizzt's poem about Guen.

It's good to be back! I sincerely apologise for not updating for ages but it was the summer holidays and I was bummed down with visiting Universities and sorting me bedroom out for redecorating. Anyhoos I'm back now and have almost finished the Dragonlance pages! Hopefully I'm on a role now so it shouldn't be too long before the next update.

When I go back to school (in another 2 weeks) I'll have access to a scanner so expect more CCS fanarts that have filled up any spare time that I had. Hope you like them!

Hope you all had a lovely summer!


Updates: CCS fanart - one more done! Music added to some of the pages.


Updates: Adoption page put up.

Congrats to Brazil for winning the World Cup! Everybody's happy including me who only has 3 weeks to go til the summer holidays! YAY YAY YAY!

My bestest friend has been having some hard times recently though, so here's a kiss and a hug for you, keep smiling Scar, love ya babes!


'Tis sad news indeed. On friday England were knocked out of the World Cup by Brazil 2-1. Owen scored the first goal in the 44th minute but unfortunately Brazil equalised at the end of the first half.

I am extrememly proud of our boys however and give full credit to Sven Goran Eriksson for being such an inspiring manager and hope he leads us to victory in many more games to come. We did very well to reach the Quarter Finals, for the first time in 12 years.

All there is for me to say now is... GO KOREA! I do hope they win!


Updates - two new CCS fanarts, the Gnome page put up with scans from Dragon Mag #291.

See the football? We beat Argentina!!!! Scores for us so far: England 1 Argentina 0, England 1 Sweden 1, England 0 Nigeria 0, England 3 Denmark 0, England ? Brazil ? (I hope we win!) Only 5 more weeks til summer holidays. YAY! I'll update the otter page soon and get some pictures up there too.


YAY MY EXAMS ARE OVER! I've totally flunked my Computing one but hey, who cares? Now I can start getting some serious updating done so expect more from me soon!


New art put up in the fanart section, more to come soon.

I'm on study leave for my Year 12 exams next week so I think I'll be having to do some serious revision between now and then so don't expect many updates during the next few weeks. I'll be back in business after them and bored stiff before the summer hols so I'll be able to get more done then. See you soon!

And that lil' picture looks like Eriol...


I haven't really had much time for updating but I promise I'll get some more done soon. I'm now a proud member of Cherri.net - you can visit it through the links section. I'm drawing some Cardcaptor Sakura pictures at the moment so they'll be up soon and I'm working on the Dragonlance section now so expect that updated soon too.

The little picture above reminds me of Syaoran and Eriol...


And now for something completely different...

Ponty Mythons Clying Fircus (Monty Pythons Flying Circus).

Emachi's thought of the week updated if you hadn't already noticed...you can tell I don't know what to write. Nothing interesting ever happens to me...Except that pigeon which flew into a shop window.




Almost finished Throne of Bhaal, yay! Will be playing Heroes of Might and Magic 2 later. *huggelz*

Aww man, school sucks. Got my mocks coming up soon and guess who hasn't revised *sweatdrops*. Oh well, I'll get thru them (with a chainsaw hopefully). Mwah, violence and uber-death I love it.


Wahey! It's the Easter Holidays!!!!

Saw the Cardcaptors movie yesterday! Syaoran's so kawaii! It's a pity there wasn't much of a thing between Sakura and himself in it though, not many S&S moments. Oh well, there's always the second movie to look foward to! Listening to Guns N Roses at the moment - Sweet Child of Mine - although it'll change in a minute.

I should be getting some revision done cos I have my mocks straight after the hols but I'm relaxing for half a week before I start - revision isn't that important. Is it?


Nyah, this is the start of my lovely new journal!

Saw Lord of the Rings film for second time yesterday and it just gets better and better! Can't wait until it comes out on video...

I'm gonna get the Cardcaptors movie on saturday! Squeeeeeeeeeee! Syaoran is soooooooo kawaii! Am I using a heck of a lot of exclamation marks or is it just me? Oh well - feeling happy today, I'm typing this in the middle of a dt lesson cos everyone else is in the workshop doing a practical *grins* any excuse to skip the lesson and work on my website!

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