Drizzt's Enemies

Akar Kessell

The bumbling apprentice to Morkai the Red. After being tricked into killing Morkai, he was dumped into a big hole in the Icewind Dale. There he found the Crystal Shard, and with it's power he tried to take over Ten-Towns. He, with the power of the Shard, took over the goblins and giants of the Dale. He even persuaded the barbarians, which had been scattered after the war, to join him. When he linked up with Errtu, he thought that the world was his. He never expected Drizzt Do'Urden to be waiting though.

Alton Devir

After the Faceless One is killed, Masoj hands him a bottle of acid and tells him he must be the new Faceless One. Alton uses this disguise to find out which house has killed his family. When he leans, he tries to kill the new wepon master, Drizzt.

Artemis Entreri

He is the exact replica of Drizzt Do'Urden, but only in fighting. In emotions, though, he is the exact opposite. When he finds out that Drizzt might be his equal, he will not stop until he has proven that he is better.

Berg'inyon Baenre

He is the youngest son in the Baenre House. He is Drizzt's rival in the academy, and never once beats him. Later, when Drizzt comes back to the Underdark, Berg'inyon helps his brother Dantrag in fighting Drizzt. But after Dantrag looses, Berg'inyon desides that it is best for him to become the wepon master of his house, not die along with his brother at the hands of Drizzt.


A nasty glabrezu that helps Errtu keep the rest of the group busy so that he can get Drizzt.


A great Tanar'ri Balor. Drizzt defeated him, but that only banished him to the Abyss. He received a present from Lloth that he used to get out, only to fight Drizzt once again


He is a rogue drow in Menzoberranzan, and is always looking for a way for him to make profit in every situation. Just about everyone is still unsure which side he is on. One minute he attacks Drizzt, the next he helps him get free. He just loves chaos.


She is the goddess of the drow. She is the reason that all of the drow from Menzoberranzan try to go after and kill Drizzt. She also gives Errtu the leverage enough to escape from his imprisonment.

Masoj Hun'ett

He started out being a cleaning steward for the Faceless One. Then as the Faceless One was about to kill Alton DeVir, Masoj killed him. Masoj took back his panther figurine, which was Guenhwyvar, and then eventually tried to use her to kill Drizzt.

Matron Baenre

She is the ruler of all of Menzoberranzan, and is rumored to be over one thousand years old. She attempts to take Menzoberranzan to the surface and destroy all whom cross her path.

Matron Malice

Drizzt Do'Urden's mother. She has lead the House Do'Urden up in ranks to attempt to be the eighth ruling house in Menzoberranzan. But she doesn't plan on having a son like Drizzt, and him setting all of her plans into a big loop.

Roddy McGristle

He is a nasty backwoodsman that takes up the hunt of Drizzt, and then continues it even after they determain that Drizzt not only was innocent, but also killed the real murderers.