Drizzt's Friends


Bruenor Battlehammer

A rock solid dwarf, who is actually the opposite. Under his hard skull is a caring brain, but you couldn't tell him that: he'd deny it to the grave. At first, Bruenor didn't want to be friendly to Drizzt, but thanks to Cattie-brie, He saw how wonderful Drizzt is. With his rock think stubbornness, he made sure that his adopted daughter, and his "adopted" son Wulfgar were brought up well. Drizzt saved Bruenor more than a handful of times when the wild dwarf was in over his head, but there were probably twice as many times that Bruenor saved Drizzt from meeting his end.

Cattie-brie Battlehammer

The orphaned human girl was brought up around the likes of dwarves, by Bruenor, so she in turn became just as rock hard stubborn. She learns to fight from the training of Drizzt, and has become just almost just as fast and stealthy as her teacher. She was given Taulmaril the Heartseeker, and uses the bows well, but after the fight down in the Underdark when Drizzt defeated Dantrag Baenre, the Magnificant sword, Khazid'hea (Cutter) was given to her. At first this sword took over Cattie-brie, but after it cuts Guenhwyvar's statue in half, It becomes one with her and the sword and her work together instead of trying to control one another. She was the only one who believed in Drizzt when he first came to Ten-Towns and because of that, she became his dearest and most understanding friend. She has been through a lot with Drizzt and has even gone as far as following him into the Underdark.

Regis (Rumblebelly)

This short little halfling started out in the hot sun of Calimport as a high ranking thief who took a prized hypnotic jewel from the Guide master, Pasha Pook. He escaped and went through almost every single town trying to avoid Artemis Entreri. He finally finds Ten-Towns and escapes Entreri's pursuit...for a little while. There he becomes Drizzt's friend after learning of the perfect fighting style of Drizzt Do'Urden, and also becomes friends with Bruenor; figuring to surround himself with good fighters. Then as he came to know Drizzt, he found that they were more than just good "bodyguards," but the truest friends anyone could have. This halfling is unlike most other halflings, because when he's trapped to be the hero, he always comes out on top.

Wulfgar, son of Beornegar

As a rough, young barbarian, he came with the other barbarians on the raid of Ten-Towns. What they did not expect was the towns to be ready. The barbarians were sorely defeated, few got away, but this young boy was left for dead and found by Bruenor. In exchange, Wulfgar worked for Bruenor for five years. The first four years, he worked in a forge perfecting metals into weapons. then after the forth year, he was taken out and given a magical hammer, Aegis-fang, that was forged by Bruenor and was to study fighting under Drizzt. Wulfgar's first reaction was like all the rest, but he soon learned a lot from Drizzt, and even loved his spirit, and would follow him to his death if that's where Drizzt took him.

Zaknafein Do'Urden

Zak was Drizzt's father, and was the first of his friends. He taught Drizzt how, and when, to fight. He risked his own life so that Drizzt could go free.

Belwar Dissengulp (Most Honored Burrow-Warden)

With his short frame and his eager for gems, this little guy is a svirfneblin. But he is not just any svirfneblin. Because of a drow raid, his arms were cut off, and he was kicked into the Underdark (by the drow). He was the only one of the miners that made it back. He was then given two powerful weapons to use as hands, a pickaxe on one, a hammer on the other (both engraved with spells to make them stronger. He took Drizzt in from out of the Underdark and into his own home. He taught Drizzt how to speak his language, and gave Drizzt something he truly needed at this time. Friendship.


Pechs are a small race that communicate with the earth better than any other race. This particular one, ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A wizard by the name of Brister Fendlestick transformed this Pech into a hook horror. This is how Drizzt and Belwar meet it. They almost kill Clacker, but then they realize what it really is, and they try to help him. They name it Clacker, because of the habit that it has of tapping on the rock to try and talk to it like it did when it was a Pech. The transformation, slowly tries to take over it's mind, and ever so often, it thinks it is the hook horror, and tries to attack Drizzt and Belwar. Thanks to Clacker's mind being so unorthodox, he is the key player in the escape of the three from the illithids. Clacker is fortunately killed by the spirit-wraith Zaknafein. This is fortunate because just before Clacker dies, it changes back into a Pech and, it's torment finally is ended.

"Mooshie" Montolio

This blind old man could shoot an arrow better that any with the help from his owl friend Hooter. He found Drizzt and helped him when the orcs attacked him. He took Drizzt under his wing and taught Drizzt all about the surface; its languages, its good and bad races, the names of the trees, and the names of the animals. He gave Drizzt a god to follow, Mielikki the name given to his heart.

Lady Alustriel

She becomes friends with Drizzt and envy's his and Cattie-brie's lives. She is the controller of Silvermoon, though she wishes to get out in the fighting. She becomes great friends with Drizzt and helps him in any way she can.