Top Tens

Top Ten Other Careers for Raistlin

10. The Amazing Glow In The Dark Talking Timepiece
9. Host of Mister Majere's Neighbourhood
8. Two words: Golden Boy!
7. Part of the cast of Cats
6. Kender-Away (tm)
5. Mount Nevermind Test Subject
4. Heights (sorry, that's the Top Ten Other Fears of Raistlin)
3. Runaway model
2. Time Lord
1. An android on the Starship Enterprise...

- Anon

Top Ten Items Found in that Pouch Tas Forgot He Had

10. The Holy Grail
9. A load of single socks
8. A gully dwarf
7. Raistlin's conscience
6. Caramon's spine
5. Kitiara', never mind
4. The Crown Jewels
3. A member of another adventuring party
2. Tanis' hanky
1. Jimmy Hoffa

- Anon

Why Raistlin is not a woman...

(by Stygian Trewithian)

10. He carries a staff not a purse
9. No woman would carry bat guano
8. Only men would fight a deity and almost win (emachi's note: i don't believe this for one instant)
7. Raist never sucked up to his teachers
6. He never asks for directions
5. Freaky hourglass eyes
4. He tried to get a cleric, men like a challenge
3. Refuses help from most people
2. Look at his face! (emachi's note: and down his pants, even if it may be a tad on the shriveled side...)
1. He blows away guys with a spell, women...ahh forget it!