A Random Story

Here is a little story Samflix and I created for your amusement. We did it by finding a random line from any Dragonlance book (or another book - we used a Forgotten Realms book at the end of this) and writing it down on a piece of paper. Then we folded the top of the paper over so the line was just covered and the other person couldn’t see it and then we’d pass it to the other person. The other person would then find another random line, possibly the end of one and write it down under the folded bit. Then they would too fold over the paper so their line was covered and hand it back to the first person who would find another line and so forth…

Try it yourself with a friend and you’ll see how funny they turn out!
This is the nonsense we got:

They watched in horror
as Flint was crazier than Raistlin.
Both men turned in astonishment to see
Fizban’s fireball hitting the cage door with an explosive boom.
Gilthanas rose swiftly coming to her side
“Do you have any bat guano on you? I’m out.”
The companions stared at it and
Fought, as it led them out of the city.
“ that I hissed ‘Get out of my way’!”.
No one noticed Tasslehoff
Who was screaming as the second pot flew past them.
A passer-by might have wondered
Whether the whole place was caving in.
“And now, Sir Flint, if you will instruct you squire, the Kender”
“to go back to sleep in the boat.”
Then, one-by-one-
They thought it was a good idea.
Tanis looked upward
And saw the sword, moving his hand as though it might be a snake.
Sturm carefully lifted the grating and underneath was…
Sturm was at her side.
Tanis emerged slowly from the stairwell
To see Flint staggering to his feet.
Fizban asked Raistlin
“Where is that rattle-brained Kender?”
When they got to the lift,
He began to shake, then doubled over in agony.
Sturm was about to orfder the others out,
When he wailed incoherently.
The mage glanced at him coldly
Blood caked his lips and his skin was clammy
“It’s either starting to collapse…”
“Or you’re a prisoner.”
The half-elf felt…
That he was being lifted to his feet like a new-born kitten
“I am a knight of Solamnia…”
“because I’m concentrating!”
Something floated gently down out of the sky…
It was Raistlin, red robes whipping about him in the wind.
Once he cleared away the smoke,
He took a long, careful scan of the hole.
“Can’t see a confounded thing.”
The wizard spouted throwing up his hand in disgust.
His eyebrows nearly
Slammed up into a creature’s groin.
“Oof” said Sturm
as his arms flailed and tentacles waved widely.
He heard the arrow’s hum
As he leapt over and landed squarely into another of the wicked jaw traps
Pointing to the red fluff,
He said, “Come in stupid black heads’ wretched things!”
“You eat like this all the time?”
“yes, I ignored the food all together and dreamed about honey, berries and female bears”
Sturm opened his eyes…
And he was cold and utterly miserable
Caramon reached for his tankard,
But he was an excitable little sprite
“Where was it stuck?”
“in the back of his brother’s head”
When his vision returned
He was somewhat disappointed that the scroll didn’t explode.
The next sound from within the tower was
Oozing right out of the hole in his sock and ending up in his shoe.
“I vill keel you all!”
said Tanis, “I think we better have a little talk.”
Those primal instincts were the salvation and damnation of
Rapaldo, who had learned to run fast.
To this point, the only clear advantage for the grove’s defenders came when
When out of the bushes bounded this beautiful fellow
With a bow
Another breast turned and fled, crying
“Iron skin.”
One orc lifted its spear to throw
But for all her toughness Tervy was innocent.
Flustered and having no other option
Sturm thought that Tas would be proud of him.
Tephanis skipped from Ulgulu’s shoulder and paused
“Foo, north is dull.”