Digi Strips!

Samflix and I HATE Westlife (or Wild Westlife, or Pestlife) and Atomic Kitten (or Atomic Nuclear Waste as we like to call them). That is why we have featured them in our comic strips - it just doesn't make sense does it?

The real reason why we feature them, along with Anne Robinson (horror or horrors) in our comic strips is because the DD (Digidurbrainz) can do nasty things to them (like beat them at football for instance :b ).

WARNING: If you do not like prolific violence, swearing or Westlife, then you should not be here and should go to a website that has nice flowers and fluffy bunnies on it.

The Digidurbrainz go to school...

Oh for the fun of love triangles!

Anne Robinson and Pestlife have a go at DJ-ing

And now for the Inter-durbrain footie match!