Misc Stuff

The Digidurbrainz' Top 10s...


10. Craig David feat. Piedmon - Fill My Bin.
9. Davis Motimya - My Underpants and Other Animals.
8. The Rabbit From Hell - Kick Bunny Butt.
7. Taichi Kamiya - Who Let That Fart Out.
6. Atomic Nuclear Waste - Bombs Over Saddam Hussein.
5. Ogremon - Whassssup!
4. Raistlin (see Dragonlance pages) - Help (Beatles Cover).
3. Cute Fluffly Bunnies - Will Someone Pleas Kill That Sodding Rabbit.
2. Westlife feat. Anne Robinson - You Are the Leakiest Sink.
1. The DD Formerly Known as Matt - Teenage Flirtbag.


10. Cute Fluffy Bunnies - Bunnyblood.
9. Ogremon - Greenpeas: Save the Vegetables.
8. Metalseadramon - Rusting in the Rain.
7. Mr Preston (one of our teachers who has a very bad lisp...) - Vitalssstatisstixsssp.
6. Mad Madge - Hendry's Snooker Balls.
5. Heresy - Flatulance.
4. Myotismon - Bats Out of Hell.
3. The Great Arsehole & Norman - Bamboo (from 'Bottom Live 3: Hoologan's Island')
2. Westlife - Mostly Toast.
1. The Digidurbrainz - A Few Stiff Ones.

Joe's Top 10 Funniest Positions He's Found Us In.

10. Matt passing out in the jelly and rebounding violently.
9. Izzy looking at un-gay porn sites
8. Matt going into contortions with the tv remote control.
7. TK trying out Mimi's makeup before Matt got to him.
6. Sora writing hate mail to her ex.
5. Me burning my study books whilst drunk.
4. Izzy falling asleep on a record turntable while it is playing.
3. Mimi wearing Matt's PJ's with messy hair snoring on the sofa.
2. Tai strapped to the Samurai (a fast scary ride at Chessington World of Adventures in the UK) by his foot while it is on.
1. Matt passed out face down in a pile of La Senza laungerie (wearing half of it).

Tai's Top 10 Sweet Things

10. Matt when he's asleep.
9. My pet belly button fluff.
8. Sora's chest.
7. Sora's butt.
6. Honey.
5. Sugar.
4. Bunny Rabbits.
3. King-Size Kit Kat Chunky
2. Creme Eggs.
1. Sora.