The Digidurbrainz

Tai Kamiya

The thick brainless one with the big mouth and hair to match.
Loves: Fluff (he has a collection of it stashed in a toilet roll tube).
Hates: Potty training (he still hasn't learnt how to do it yet).

Note: We love him really! (Me especially), we just take the pee out of 'em.

Matt Ishida

The sarcastic "I love rock 'n roll" one who has it in for Tai.
Loves: Alcohol, an iron maiden.
Hates: Tai, prodigous people, smart-asses, Anne Robinson, Wild Westlife.

Izzy Izumi

Prodigious little bastard who loves his laptop and hates Matt's ferrets.
Loves: His laptop, Joe.
Hates: Ferrets.

Joe Kido

Mr "I love allergies and I'm not afraid to use them". He also has a thing for Izzy.
Loves: Izzy.
Hates: Prolific violence, uber-death, blood, gore, films with an NC 17 rating.

Mimi Tachikawa

Fashion freak.
Loves: Pink fluffy things, bunnies, Matt, clothes, shopping.
Hates: Dirt (she avoids Wild Westlife).

Sora Takenouchi

Tai's girlfriend. She stops Matt being nasty to him.
Loves: Tai.
Hates: Matt.

TK Takaishi

Matt's younger brother, bloody innocent, incest apparent in The Little Book of Calm
Loves: Matt, Kari, bunnies, ice cream.
Hates: Sod all really.

Kari Kamiya

Little Miss Perfect.
Loves: TK.
Hates: Matt, people who are nasty to TK, everything that is evil or wrong.