Dalamar - a pic by me

Silvanesti Elf
13th level Black Robe Wizard
STR: 16
DEX: 16
CON: 12
INT: 17
WIS: 16
CHA: 14
Alingment: CE
Thac0: 16
HP: 41
AC: 0

Dalamar was born around 260 AC of a low caste of the Silvanesti elves. Dalamar, like all Silvanesti was tall, graceful, slight of build and very handsome. He first discovered his true passion in life when he was taught the rudimentary basics of the magical arts. He had tasted the power, and he became obsessed with gaining more power in the art. However, higher learning was only for elven royalty and nobles.

He learnt in secret, practicing magic that only the highest ranking mages could perform, and soon found that he was most impressed by the dark arts, the magic of the black robes. But he was discovered wearing the robes that true elves could not bear to look upon. He was cast out of his homeland, and became a dark elf - "one who is outside of the light".

He became a spy of the wizard's conclave, posted in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas as Raistlin's apprentice, since they feared his power and intentions. He was able to observe and learn from the greatest and most powerful mage ever to live on Krynn, the Master of Past and Present. Like Raistlin, he was completely devoted to the magic and would do anything for it.

Raistlin, with the power to see what was happening anywhere on Krynn and to read people's thoughts, of course knew that Dalamar was spying on him all along. He punished him by burning five holes in Dalamar's chest with his fingertips, holes that would not heal for the rest of his long life.

Even after what Raistlin had done to him, Dalamar admired, respected and feared him. However, he helped Caramon to enter the Abyss to persuade Raistlin not to become a god, since it would lead to the destruction of Krynn. After Raistlin left Krynn, he lived in the Tower of High Sorcery as the master of the tower, although the guardians would still obey Raistlin over Dalamar's commands. For his heroic actions saving Krynn, he also rose to head of the Order of the Black Robes.

He later assisted Tanis in his fight against Kitiara's forces, since he knew that if the world was taken over by evil, it would lead to its destruction. After Kitiara's attack and subsequent death, having been killed by Dalamar, he became attached to a red robed wizardress, Jenna, who became his lover.

Many years later, he also assisted Palin and Usha when the forces of Chaos threatened to obliterate the world of Krynn.

More summary to come after I've read the War of Souls trilogy! (although I know what happens to our dear Dalamar already having been told by Samflix). Nyah.