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The new year kicks off with a bang as the newest members of the EABBL take the field against the Greased Lightning.  The Lightning have a lot to live up to as they will be defending the honor of the EABBL.

In other action, the undefeated Albion Avengers visit the Ratskin Renegades.  Their first match was called as the Renegades were unable to field a competitive team as the Avenger fans wiped out most of them on the opening kickoff.  


Updated: 01/18/05

The year will come to an end with the disbanding of the QAFF.  After four futile attempt, the coach, Justin Leiger, has decided to call it a career and walked away.  They will be replaced by an Undead squad called the Boneless Ribs. 

In action last night, Eddie N. Trailz scored three times in the Avengers fourth straight win.  And the Renegades came back to defeat the QAFF 2-1 before the QAFF conceded the match. 

On behalf of the commissioners’ office, I would like to wish a Happy Holidays and good luck in the new year to all of the coaches.

Updated: 12/23/04

Two games were played tonight, well actually only one was played as the Renegades were overwhelmed by the fans and conceded before the game even got started.  Avenger coach, Jerry Barley walked across the field and shook the hand of Renegade coach Throat Slittah Martin, even though he was unconscious.  The Avengers were awarded the victory and ran their undefeated streak to three games. 

In other action, the QAFF and the Lightning battled to a 2-2 draw.  The Lightning managed to tie the score on a long play that resulted in the QAFF fielding only five players at the end of the game!  It’s beginning to look like a long season for the wood elves if they can not find a way to fight through there low armor values.

Updated: 12/17/04

There is now an archive up on the top of the screen.  Just click on “Season 1” to bring up stats from the previous season.  The past season had six teams and culminated in the awarding of the Dungeon Bowl.

Updated: 12/08/04

There is now a section on the left entitled “Performances of the Week”.  This is a gallery where the Commissioner will determine who had the greatest impact in a game for the week.  No special awards will be given to players that receive this honor at this time.

Updated: 12/05/04

Well the season is under way to a great many surprises!


The division seems to be split up right down the middle.  Two teams are undefeated and two teams are winless.  The Albion Avengers and the Ratskin Renegades both have beat up on the QAFF.  This has mainly been due to poor rolling and bad luck rather than poor play.  Wood Elf wardancer, Twit has all the makings of a dominant player for many seasons to come.


Meanwhile, the Greased Lightning just can not find a way to win.  Clearly they outclassed the Albion Avengers and in their second game played well enough to win against the rats but were once again unsuccessful.


Next up sees the undefeated teams going against each other and the winless teams squaring off.  Things are going to change!

Updated: 12/03/04